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Revell Arado 196

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Hi all,

I'm back.  After the Spitfire I figured I should follow it up.

So here is my Arado 196, built just after the Spitfire and if anything I enjoyed this more than the Spitfire.

I just love the 196 and wish I could afford, or had the skill to scratch, the launch rail for it.


Anyway, its all out of the box except for Eduard straps, instrument panel and some after market seats.

I made loops from small diameter wire for the rigging on the floats and rigged it with even skinnier wire.


As before hope you enjoy and look forward to constructive criticism.








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Thanks Spitfire.

Its a great kit.  I loved it.  Worth some simple enhancements, I think I put a bit of Eduard in the cockpit but otherwise all there.

Loved every minute of it and would do another anytime if there werent so many other lovely kits around to do.
So many kits, so little time.


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