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The Most Wanted WnW



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  1. 1. The most Wanted WnW?

    • Etrich Taube
    • Fokker Dr. I
    • Nieuport 17
    • Albatros D. III

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Guys the second phase is on!!



There`s the top 5 from the first voted.

Was not  easy to count then because some voted only "spad" (i assumed that was spad XIII), others just roll on and put 10 or more aircraft... :) and so on!

Now that we find the top 5, 


You have to choose only one!!!


One aircraft to rule them all! :)




The poll will last until January 16th... a full month!! 



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Vote for the Dreidekker.

The reason?
Well, I grew up at the Augsburg airport, and I was there as a boy, as there the Dreidecker was flown for the film from the seventies "The Red Baron".
I'll never forget it, - this tiny, brilliant little red plane with three wings. :wub:
This triplane was built in Augsburg-Haunstetten by Josef Bitz.......
..............And now I am happy as a little child on this little bird (incl. the Fokker F.1) to see it from Wingnut Wings (I REALY HOPE :rolleyes:)

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First and foremost this is not a slam or anything of that natrure.  I think this poll is awesome and applaud the hard work and efforts of those who have made this posssible!  My only thought is: the long pole in the tent is the production plans of WNW.  From the WNW website, they have slots 32001 through 32066 plus two Duellist kits.  Counting all kits in production, in developement and sold out there are 49 kits leaving 19 unaccounted for model slots.  Trust me, I believe WNW has a good idea what most if not all of those 19 kits will be.  My point is, if our number one vote is the Taube (only because it is leading) and WNW plans to do that kit already, have we really gained anything?  Would we be better off with a top five or ten list instead?  The larger the number the better the chance of one or two aircraft being there that WNW had no plans of doing, but since the fans have shown an interest in them they might change their minds.  Ready for the arrows!

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Swapilot this poll was made with the knowledge of Richard Alexander , and the WnW is really interested in knowing what the most desired plane.

One of the top rated was initially the Camel and Richard informed me that this plane is already planned  to be released by WnW, and asking for fans to voted in another plane.

Two years ago, WnW Fans on facebook made a full wishlist with more than 30 aircraft and it was send to WnW.


I  really don`t know if WnW already have plans  to do any of the top 5 and I fully understand you, but in fact, one thing that we want (and also WnW) with this, is get to Most Wanted one.


 If Wnw already is working on it, great... if not, they wlll think about it...

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