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My Cave


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Hi All,


Some people asked me where and how I dwell. Well, this is where.

Switched hobby rooms with my girlfriend. She now has the huge attic and I got this room on the 1st floor. Just a small desk is all i need. Drilled some holes in the top to accommodate the lamps. Simple electric compressor that has never let me down for the past 12 years. Small couch for light reading and a modest stash. This is almost my entire stash so I guess I'm doing OK. Most finished models are behind glass in the living room. Will post a pic of those later.








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I have a question on this - how do you deal with fumes/VOCs from airbrushing in this space?


I ask because Mrs Poet has asthma, triggered by these among others. So when I need to paint, I have to move everything outside. I am interested in any solutions that y'all have to deal with those sorts of things

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