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1:32 Tamiya Spirfire Mk.XVIe No. 601 (County of London) Squadron RAuxF, 1949


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Kent:  I deepen any rivets with a pin in the areas that need beforehand.  Makes them easier to find afterwards - and they can be deepened again if needs be.  The double-handling can be tedious.    Otherwise I use Radu Brinzan's RB Productions Rivet-R tool fitted with the wheel that matches the kit rivet spacing.  Hope this helps.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Been too long...  Mal's masks again.  Not sure about the post-war red and blue, but "progress is progress"!



An unforced error in using the mask resulted in a slightly egg-shaped blue ring.  More concentration needed...








More painting tomorrow, weather-permitting...

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Have read reviews of the HGW wet transfer stencils sets, but only know one local modeller who's tried them.  He reported hit-and-miss results.  Another overseas friend recommended having a go as he's had reliable results in 48th scale.  The 32nd scale set for the Mk.IX has many of the same stencils as the kit decal sheet, so time to try a test...



Stencil cut from continuous carrier film/backing sheet; dipped in warm water; removed from backing paper when loose; positioned in a drop of water; excess water squeezed out with a tissue.



Allowed to dry for 2.5 hours on a mild, overcast day (HGW recommends 3-4 hours); carrier film peeled off.



Carrier film peeled away easily.



Wasn't able to capture it in the pic, but adhesive residue was visible around the stencilling.



Residue was easily removed by gentle rubbing with a water-soaked cotton bud and then allowed to air-dry.




Time for more wet transfers...

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Underside stencils applied.  They seem to work very well on the glossed surface - especially where they don't cross recessed panel lines.







Some lifting apparent on "T' and the "5" on the inboard "DTD 515 S" stencil.



Minor lifting where the stencils cross the larger gaps between panel inserts.



Worst result was on the inboard trestle location stencil.  Wouldn't be too difficult to disguise on a worn/weathered camo scheme though.


Will push on with the topside stencils in the hope that they work at least as well as the underside ones.



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Remainder of the stencils applied...





Very minor stencil lifting.



The fuel tank capacity stencil from the Mk.IX transfer set shows 85 gallons, whereas the Mk.XVI kit decal shows 95 gallons.  The printing font style differs slightly from teh kit decals.  No prize for trying to hand paint the "95".



Very crisp printing.



Although called out as stencil #39 on the transfer sheet, the "Engine Starter Plug" stencil is missing.  The kit decal was used (not as crisp as the HGW printing).





The stencils did not adhere to the flat cockpit door paint, or the satin spinner paint.  The HGW instructions are silent about what type of surface to apply the transfers to.  Would appear that they prefer a well-glossed surface.

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Wouldn't want any of my models under that sort of scrutiny, I could be very dissapointed lol!


Looking really sharp and the clarity of the HGW stencils compared to the kits is without comparison.


I want to see some exhaust stains...........



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Exhaust staining - the long way round...


Tried applying some of MIG's enamel panel line washes from the "Metallic airplanes & jets" set (A.MIG 7423).



PLW Deep Grey (A.MIG 1602) applied sparingly over week-cured Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss (thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinner).... 



The wash was cleaned off with dry cotton buds to avoid removing it from the shallow rivet detail.  It dullled the gloss a little and left a very subtle brownish tinge.  Presumably that could be removed with thinner if one had the talent/patience.  Or maybe using MIG's clears would be the go.



Perhaps the tinge can be seen here - unwashed areas inboard of the radiator; washed area outboard of the radiator.



Before wash.



After wash and misting of 1:1 X-22 Clear Gloss:XF-86 Flat Clear for a satin-ish finish.



No adverse reactions between the HGW wet transfer stencils and the previous X-22 Clear Gloss coat, or the subsequent washing/scrubbing.



Tried to use the slight staining effect of the washes by adding some PLW Deep Brown (A.MIG 1618) around and behind the exhaust stub areas to build some shadow for upcoming exhaust stains.











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