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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Bf109 E-3 3./JG52 "yellow 15"


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Checked the box....It has 2 sheets of pe...one of them coloured (instrument panel, seat belts). It's mainly pit stuff.

Also found a set of Aber barrels in the box...I forgot I bought them :rolleyes:


There's an option to build and display the engine and MGs, but I'm not a big fan of this.

Sadly can't display the engine seperately, because you still need parts of it...like the exhaust stacks.


Perhaps I get myself a 1/18 HpH G-6 engine....some day.


I'll finish the G-10 before I start anything new...and I also enlisted the Spit GB. To be decided what comes first :unsure:

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Ahh quite a pleasing sight to behold...


Be sure to think of me while you are fitting those nice Quickboost goodies, hollowing, cleaning & piecing together all Eduard's fiddly tiny exhaust stacks!


Oh well, an hour or two I'll never get back.....


Dan M

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My first impression.
Very nicely detailed...panel lines and rivets are finely done. Will need a bit of polishing here and there. Specially the lower side of the fuselage. Rivets and panel lines "pulled out" some plastic there.
The engine and mg covers match real panel lines...that's nice. I think I paint them before assembling and keep them off until after I painted the rest.
Also nice...can drop in the exhausts after painting.
Not too happy with the fuselage fit...thin plastic and just one pin/hole...and it's tiny. Will do what Dave suggested...Evergreen strips.
Also loads and loads of flash and it's all over the place. Needs a lot of careful cleaning and test fitting. Will take me a few days.
Not many sink marks, but some nasty ones on the prop blades.
Pit nicely detailed, not much plumbing needed...will shorten the too tall oxygen bottle holder.


Karl Wolff next to the wreck of his plane. He was shot down over Britain later during the BoB and he became a POW.
Ground crew removed the ammo boxes...note the mg cover next to the plane.


I'll open the vent slots on the side, the ones on top are fine already.

I like the small mottles. Not sure about the very dark stuff near the tail. Don't know what it is, but it doesn't look like paint and I think I'll ignore it.


The (rare?) rearview mirror is included in the kit.


Looks like a fun build in the making.


More soon.





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At first I thought this would be a quick build, but when cleaning up parts I stumbled upon things I can't live with.
Tackled the first issue...the really poorly shaped seat.
Tub is too shallow, side walls are thick and have a flat edge...and then the wrong top of the seat. Meh  :(

Didn't expect this from Eduard.

I thinned the side walls, made rounded edges and reworked the top.
This gonna be a slow build after all :ph34r:


More soon.





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A question re the markings. The Eduard decals (for both 1/32 and 1/48 kits) has only full yellow markings for the numbers 1 and 5 and it appears their colour call out suggests the mottle go around the outside. Yet the photo above and others suggest the number 15 was trimmed in white. Do you or anyone have a thought as to which is correct?



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