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1:32 Do 335 detail sets (for HK kit)

James H

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1:32 Do 335 detail sets (for HK kit)

Catalogue # see article for code and price
Available from Eduard




Last year, I had the privilege of building a test shot of the Dornier Do 335B-2, from HK Models. This was featured in Military Illustrated Modeller recently, and was built out of box due to lack of any PE parts supplied from the manufacturer. Over the last months, we’ve seen a number of releases from Profimodeller, and now, Eduard have released a whole suite of both detail and upgrade sets for this important model kit release in both photo etch and resin. In our box this month, we received:


  • 32364, Do 335 exterior, €22.95
  • 32825, Do 335B interior S.A, €17.25
  • 33143, Do 335B interior S.A ‘Zoom’, €14.95
  • 32826, Do 335B seatbelts, €7.45
  • 632042, Do 335B wheels, €11.25
  • 632050, Do 335 exhaust stacks. €7.45
  • JX175, Do 335B masks, €11.25


Do 335 exterior



All PE sets for this release are packaged into the narrow, letterbox format sleeves, with a cardboard stiffener. This set contains a single, bare brass fret measuring approximately 140mm x 95mm, and with around 110 parts, all neatly manufactured. Again, don’t be lulled into thinking that this contains parts for exterior surfaces. When Eduard says something is ‘exterior’, they mean that it is outside of the cockpit, as this set clearly shows.




This set kicks off in the engine bay, providing PE lifting lugs to replace the plastic parts, and also a little extra, minor detail such as supercharger intake meshes and other brackets. A set of cowl latches are also included. Moving onto the forward gun bay, a little extra detail is given to the guns by means of the correct, curved ammunition feeds which were sorely missing from the plastic parts.


Sticking with the engine theme, PE cooling flaps and radiator meshes are supplied for the rear fuselage, and a new radiator is provided for the forward engine.




Interior bomb bay and wheel well detail is also included by the way of brackets, hinges, wiring looks and door detail, as well as detail for the ladder stowage area. Detail parts are also provided for the forward undercarriage strut and wheel hub.


Lastly, those huge bulges on the side of the canopy are supposed to house rear view mirrors, and they aren’t included in the kit. Thankfully, this set redresses that issue.



Do 335B Interior S.A.



S.A. simply means ‘Self Adhesive’, and one of the two frets for the cockpit is produced this way, and of course, colour-printed also. This fret contains a two-part, layered instrument panel which is a big improvement over the kit part with its deeply recessed instruments, and of course there are numerous other panels and consoles too, along with their levers and switches etc. Colour printing is very good. Also on this fret are a set of replacement rudder pedals. The kit parts are actually quite poor, and seem massively undersize, so the inclusion here is very welcome.




The second fret is a bare brass production, and slightly smaller than the colour fret. This contains parts for the ejection seat armrests, gun sight, cockpit floor, canopy/ejection seat handles etc.




Some surgery, albeit minor, will be required to fit a small number of these parts, but nothing beyond the realm of even a beginner modeller.






Do 335B Interior S.A ‘Zoom’



This set is a budget version of the regular interior release, containing just the colour etch fret for an immediate detail kick, without all the bells and whistles. Ideal if you only really care about the main cockpit elements, or if you are on a budget.



Do 335B seatbelts



Despite now releasing fabric belts in conjunction with HGW, Eduard are still providing a colour PE solution for those who want to add aftermarket seatbelts. This small fret contains 16 parts which simply need assembling and then bending into shape. You need to be careful not to flake the colour paint from them though. There aren’t any buckles to add here as these are etched onto the main parts and pre-painted. Assembly should only take about 15 minutes, as these are pretty easy to use.





Do 335B wheels



Whilst HK moulded their kit wheels to be weighted, they did so without any external pattern on the tyres themselves. I also thought the kit hub detail was certainly more than passable. Of course, compare these with the resin alternatives, and the kit parts pale into insignificance. As with all of Eduard’s Brassin releases, the wheels are supplied in a blister package, and are protected by a piece of soft, grey foam. When you open the package and remove the instructions insert, you will also find a sheet of masks.




Each of the three resin wheels is cast onto its own block, and connected by a very thin membrane of resin, with the pouring spout on the flat part of the weighted wheel. Removal will be very easy and quick. Wheel detail consists of the thin, raised ribbing that was commonly seen on some late war Luftwaffe types. Hubs are also separate and are cast two per block. Detail really is excellent, with bolt, hose and other detail being meticulously reproduced in the smallest of details. To help with alignment, the hubs are notched so that you get them in the correct orientation to the wheel, and to each other.




Masks are supplied to allow the covering of the wheel while the hubs are being sprayed. In all fairness, I would simply spray the wheels and finish them before fitting the hubs, but the option is there of course.



Do 335 exhaust stacks



When I built the test shot, I did so without instructions. For the greater part, that was just fine, but it got complicated when it came to adding the exhaust stacks to both engines. There are numerous shapes here, and I had to work out what sequence to fit them in. I’m still not convinced I actually got it right, but I tried my best. Seeing the instructions of course, makes everything far easier. Having seen this new Eduard set to replace the kit parts, I’m reminded of the hassle I experienced.




Fear not though, as of course, Eduard have these numbered for ease of fitting, and they have made things even easier by casting each engine side on their own casting block. These are even identified by such writing as ‘Front engine RIGHT’ etc. Of course the part numbers are cleanly cast below each stub too. You’d be hard pressed to get this wrong. For further identification, the casting blocks for front and rear engines are also different lengths.




The stubs have hollow ends, and a very fine welding seam running down each one. No clean-up is required after separating from the casting block. Also, the kit parts suffered from sink marks etc, and these of course exhibit no such flaw. It’s worthwhile buying these for that reason alone.


The instructions are simplicity itself. A complicated problem with an elegant and straightforward solution.


Do 335B masks
This set will be specific to this release of the kit due to the difference in the canopy between both A and B variants. This set of masks contains everything you need to mask the canopy. It’s recommended that you use liquid mask to fill in the areas on the blisters, but you may find it easier to cut up the scrap material and fill using this.


Each and every one of these sets is well worth the investment, as they add so much to what is already a very nice kit. There isn’t anything difficult about incorporating any of these sets either, as all surgery required is very minimal. Production is excellent, and nothing appears to be a pointless exercise either. Costing is also realistic, but of course, when it comes to the PE parts alone, you will be able to achieve a further discount through the BIGED set, and joining the Bunny Fighter Club.


Very highly recommended


My sincere thanks to Eduard for supplying the samples you see here. To purchase directly, click the links in the review.


James H







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