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B-17 Tail Gun early style conversion

Dave J

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I thought I had seen someone state there was/is a B-17 Tail Gun conversion in the works for the HK Kit... I haven't seen one released yet..


So after talking to one of the 3D modellers here at WNW who has the kit also and waiting for the said set also.. He said it would be easy task to knock up one up to be cast in resin or 3D printed...


So two questions...


1- Who would be interested in a set, if we were to do it..


2 - is there any good reference out there that we should look at?


I have no plans to mass produce anything to sell.. I am just seeing what the interest is as it would lower my cost of producing it for myself and my co-worker if we produce a few more and the cost was spread across a few more.


*NOTE* -  This posted over on LSP, so let me know if you are cross posting so I don't add your yes as two.

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An un-staggered waist conversion set would have to be part of that too I would imagine.


Good idea , as is anything B-17.


If I am going to do this it will be only the rear gunner parts.

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I definitely would be in for one!  I want to build Little Patches which had the early tail and non-staggered guns.  It isn't too difficult to do the non-staggered conversion on your own.  I believe the hard part would be making new rivets.  Maybe someone can do a resin plug for the window and provide a template for the new window.



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