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Dragon P51K

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She looks pretty damn sweet though! Pitty about the decals. You could say "This is Nooky Booky just before the squadron artist had his way with her"


Would be a shame to see all that work gone to waste.


Cheers Bevan.

Ha ha ha! Yes Bevan, I actually thought of that as an option.  :lol:

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So, thanks to the Mighty Mal Mayfield, I should be able to bring this one to a successful close. Mal has cut some masks for the Nooky Booky IV nose art that I so willfully destroyed. I should have them within my sweaty grasp soon. Never used masks before, so really looking forward to trying them out. I've heard though, that once you use paint masks, it's hard to go back to decals. Ah well, add that to the list of addictions. :)

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Finally got round to using the masks that Mal Mayfield cut for me. (Starting a new job and trying to get my head around that has left little time for modelling).
Following the instructions, I weeded out all the excess parts of the first mask and positioned in place. I sprayed the first colour (red), before removing the mask, but leaving the positioning box in place.




I then placed the second mask carefully inside the positioning box and sprayed the second colour (yellow).
Removed the mask and voila, Nooky Booky IV flies again.




I was impressed at how well these worked. They were easy to use with some care and patience. I will definitley be using masks again in the very near future. Thanks again Mal.

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