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WnW Fokker E.I Early (LF.70)

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Hey guys,


New to LSM and scale modeling in general, started September 2014 after purchasing a Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe (Late) at a whim as my wife hadn't spent enough to get free parking at the shopping mall we were at. After a botched but very enjoyable time building it I was hooked and started slowly building my stash up, after this was an Albatros DV.a (OAW) that keeps getting put on the back burner as I up my skill levels)


And recently this 99% finished a Fokker E.I (LF70) I decided to do something a little different with my Fokker E.I and paint her in the much debated colours of LF.70 Naval prototype. I'm not an historian nor enter competitions but build because it's something I have found I love doing, so I hope you enjoy my WIP photos.


Having first come across this scheme I fell in love with it, for some reason its esthetically please to the eye and really matches the simplicity of the Eindecker.



















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Thanks guys, It started off as a filler project while I awaited the cookie cut lozenge from Aviattic, which in turn turned in to a major project! It was also an excellent learning tool as I learned a lot about turnbuckles, rigging and also other materials. The aircraft is about 99% complete with just the engine cowling needing to be redone as I wasn't 100% happy with the finish.

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Time to add more detail!


These are gaspatch 1/32 turnbuckles that have had a 90 degree bend put in them - the kit was then drilled through and the turnbuckle secured with a nut.





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Just fantastic building James!! Already saw this on FB but it`s always a pleasure to see this work!! :) 


You need to tell me where did you get the nuts, because I lost the link that you put on WnW facebook.

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So with all the paint  work done and custom decals it was time to start rigging.


I rigged the undercarriage struts before attaching it to the fuselage to give me more room to play with as things were going to get very fiddly under their as I planned to replicate the rigging and wing warping mechanics to the photos.




Close up showing the anchor points on the struts - I used 1/48 scale Gaspatch anchors for this work.



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the next step was to insert the turnbuckles for the wing warping mechanics that can be seen protruding from the fuselage in many of the early Eindecker images - this was a real pain as I didn't have a drill bit long enough so in the end I broke out the CA glue and held them in place till they set.




After this madness ensured with the whole of the underside wing warping work going forward at a very, very slow rate often the same line requiring to be laid 3 or 4 times just to get it perfect.








This really shows off all the small details and fine work that goes in to replicating an Eindeckers controls.




Next step the top side!

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On to the top section - The first job I did was to drill a 0.3mm hole through the pulley system on the carbane and then fit two lines of 0.2mm ezwire.




This  really was a royal PITA to do but really worth the effort and putting the drill though my forefinger!


This was then mounted to the modified carbane - I really didn't like the stock part that came with the kit, the model is excellent but I felt that as the rigging was the focul point of the model I needed to really focus on this area for detail. Removing the plastic and replacing it with Gaspatch turnbuckles really made a huge difference!


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Now there was a few MAJOR cockups;


First I accidentally crushed the Spandau LMG and after painting and fitting the wind screen I suddenly realised there was a very slight crack/scratch in it, this required me to order a clear parts sprue from WnW and the PE parts. Having thrown away the crushed gun I suddenly realised that i needed the LMG's receiver to build the replacement!

This ended up with me taking the molded gun - chopping the cooling jacket and building up my own PE version - fortunately I had replaced the original barrel with brass rod to add to the detail.


Final I also noticed that one of the lines in the wheel struts had frayed over the week and was about to break, this required me to remove the section of line and turnbuckles and start again - very fiddly through all the other lines.

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