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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hasegawa's P47D Bubble Top was used for Frank Perego's mount "Slick Chick".  Overall a sound kit and fun build with only issue being having to lower the engine mount by about 1mm.  See my WIP log.



  • Alclad II - various shades
  • Gunze and Valliajo used throughout
  • Flory's Wash
  • Thinned brown & black wash followed by Alclad II Semi Matte overall
  • MiG pigments for dirt, exhaust, powder burns on blast tubes and ordnance weathering
  • Added various wires & plumbing in R2800, cockpit, wheel wells, landing gear and bombs
  • Aftermarket items Eduard bomb fins/belts, Hasegawa brass blast tubes, Barracuda wheels
  • Scratch built the M10 bazookas, K14 glass, oxygen hose, fuel lines on drop tank and static wire

With flaws too numerous to mention this build yielded some great lessons as my skill-sets continue to evolve.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support during this build.  June will be dedicated to rebuilding my bench and setting up new photo table.
























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Superb. The weathering on the bombs is a highlight for me.

Thanks Ben.


She's a beau Rick. Lovely work throughout.

Cheers Mate!


Superb work Rick.


Nice touches on the bombs.. I gotta get my bomb building that good! 



Simply gorgeous Rick!!  Enjoyed following it.  I now have a bubble top on the way!!  Thanks for the inspiration!



Rick, she looks great buddy. So, what's next? :D

Thanks Mike.  Currently  rebuilding my bench.  So no action till late summer.



Ju88 G1/G6 Mistel 2 - finish

Typhoon - finish

FW190C - finish


Then start:

Tamiya Mossie from delivery to bench

DH.9 Greek - WNW GB

Ju388 Conversion


beooootiful jug!!!



exceptional work and a joy to follow the build


thank you Rick!

Cheers Nick


This is certainly one of the best P-47 models I've ever seen !!!!



certainly very humbled.  I'll just be happy to have her hold her ground with some of the beautiful Jugs I seen.

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