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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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I've put some of the smaller parts together to make bigger part's lol.I have also painted some weathering on the edges of the tank hull it might be hard to see tho.( I basically put some brown paint around the edge).












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Nice work - I bet you're tired of looking at wheels though - there are dozens of them! If I ever build a tank model again, it will be one of these: Churchill tanks were built in a factory a couple of miles from where I live. My dad used to watch them being tested. One day the headphones from a tank commander fell off the turret and got crushed under the tracks. My dad ran over and picked them up - I've still got their mangled remains somewhere.

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Hi Daniel,


First off, congratulations on being brave enough to post it and ask for opinion! Second, this is really a nice effort for someone just getting into the hobby. Third, I think that post like great "great start" don't offer you much outside of some comforting, but I think you are not here for this, but rather to get advice and idea and ultimately build a better model!


So I will give you some constructive criticism and advice, this by any means is not a blatant critique and definately no disrespect.

What kindof paint do you use? No matter of teh kind you should idlute it more, the brush strokes are visible because the paint is too thick! Get some thinner and dilute it till it becomes as thick as milk ( a bit more than water), put the tip of the brushin it(not the whole brush), then leave few strokes on a papertowel and start brushing. As the paint is more diluted, you will need 2 or more layers in order to get the colour. I can recomend to add few drops of Mr. Leveling thinner regardless if you use acrylic or enamel colours, but just 2-3 drops, this will help the paint to level.


Don't use flash for the pictures, better use natural sunlight, but not directly under the sun. More like in a light shadow where the light is strong enough but it is not direct.


Don't give up! Try to make every single part as it is a whole model and the results will follow!


Best regards,


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