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Sopwith Camel parts illustration - EXCLUSIVE LSM/WNW Fans


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I've a particular fondness for the Camel - this one will absolutely be added to the bench.  It will be the "fully dressed" counterpart to the 1/16 wood-frame Model Expo "naked" version that's waiting patiently for me to finish the picket boat

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17 hours ago, Ian m holmes said:

I got now as well but i need to know if anyone elses sprues are bent ie: the ends are going up so there not flat on the serfice.


Interesting,  I bought two, the USAS and the Br.1 and both have that very same sprue bent.  

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Hopefully not as the plastic is very forgiving. The problem is that the affected sprue is not quite square so if it is put in the box incorrectly the sprue bends and the box becomes stretched. 

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