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  1. Your build is about the most original, outstanding, creative and ingenious I have ever seen. I think Jeroen and you drink from the same fountain. Guys like you make me want to quit the hobby! Paulo
  2. Gentlemen, I apologize for my lack of skills in English composition, but I will do my best to write a little about the new Italeri Mirage. I am fully aware that Italeri kits are not up to the standards of Tamiya, Hasegawa, etc. but for the price of their new Mirage III, I was expecting a little better quality, regarding the fitting of the parts. The parts on the sprue trees look quite nice, and the assemblies of internal components fit well, but when it is time to assemble other components, for example the jet intakes, the kit just does not fit well. I also had a bit of trouble with the wing assembly, because if it is flush on one end there will be a gap on the opposite side. So far this model has been very putty hungry, and frustrating. To make it a good nice looking model, you will need a high level of expertise, which I do not have, and lots of patience. I am building the kit with the Atar 9C, to represent one of the few upgraded Israeli Mirages at the time of the Yom Kippur war, unfortunately, the Isracast tail assembly does not fit well, for that reason I modified the kits tail to make it work. I think the kit can make a nice looking model when completed, but I do not think it is going to be an easy build. Here some photographs of the build so far. I used the Eduard cockpit upgrade. Some lead wire for hydraulics Lots of putty.
  3. Hello, If you are interested, I have the fisher set and I did not used it. Let me know if you want it.
  4. A little more than a week ago I finished a 1/32 HK Do335. It was a more or less nine month long deal mostly working on it. I wanted to build something quick and not OOB to see if I can do it. So far so good. Day 1, Monday:
  5. Speed build Hasegawa Tony

    Thanks! To be fair, two of those days were my day off and the wife and kids did go somewhere, Therefore the score: "honey do list" ......0 "Tony"....................10
  6. Speed build Hasegawa Tony

    It's a disaster!
  7. Speed build Hasegawa Tony

    Day 6 (with three months of nothing in between). Back to the Tony. As you have seen, it is a nice and easy kit to build quickly. So many things have happened to these past months that if I recount them you probably won't believe me. please enjoy.
  8. Soo.... What did you just get???

    The Gods of convalescence send me this
  9. I am currently playing GI Joe in the woods with the US Army. To avoid boredom on my down time I am building a tank. Let's see how much I can accomplish.
  10. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Thank you gents.
  11. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Gentlemen, I have completed my field training with the Army. Unfortunately I suffered a little accident which left me with a concussion and a badly sprained right hand wrist rendering me useless for modeling. I will post soon an update on the King Tiger and on the 32nd scale Tony.
  12. Nice cockpit. Can you show your technic for the painting of the dials? You've done a terrific job on it. I really enjoy those 1/32 Hasegawa models, they are easy to build and are well detailed also. I was doing a similar build a few weeks ago, unfortunately I had to stop because I became sick, then I started some military field training. I hope to resume soon.
  13. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Thanks. It is definitely difficult due to interruptions, lighting and a voracious grass (tent floor) that eat a few pieces.
  14. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Here some more pictures.
  15. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    I'll give it a try.
  16. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    Hmmm, I did not think of that, it may be a neat scheme. What I was thinking was a what if Luftwaffe airfield defense unit, painted with RLM colors, kind of a 1946 idea. Now you made me think about your sugestion, dark brown, brown, tan, dark green and olive drab.
  17. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    One thing to mention, there is not going to be any extra detailing or aftermarket stuff on this build. The purpose of this kit is simply for me not to be bored, therefore I will even paint it with any paint I want on a what if scheme.
  18. King Tiger build in an Army tent

    I already lost a little handle piece for the scape hatch, I did not eve look for it as it fell in the grass.
  19. Interesting, I bought two, the USAS and the Br.1 and both have that very same sprue bent.
  20. Ju-88C-2 "4D+FH" Finished!

    Jeroen, Quite impressive building skills you have. Your kit is a treat to the eye as imitates a nice representation of the original 88.
  21. Gents, I hope I'm still able to participate. As you may have noticed, most of the build pictures are located at the Work in progress and completed models forums.
  22. Kinetic F-86F-40 Nato Sabre Question

    Hello, There were two Mks of -86s in the Luftwaffe, Mk 5 and 6. West Germany received 75 Mk 5s in 1957-1958. All were ex RCAF and were assigned to Waffenschule 10, training school to get pilots familiar with the type. About 225 Mk 6 were delivered to West Germany and some were modified or retrofitted with slated wings to improve slow airspeed maneuverability. All Luftwaffe's Sabres were painted in NATO fashion of RAF colors: Dark Green, Dark Sea Gray and Medium Sea Gray. The only difference is that the second batch of -86s had the upper colors more or less switched, Gray instead of green and vice versa. I hope this help.