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  1. You are the most fantastic modeller I ever had the chance to admire. Paulo
  2. Whatever was wrong with the kit you surely corrected it. It looks very nice.
  3. You are welcome. I will start on my camel as soon as I can.
  4. Hello, this are some of the pictures I'll use as reference.
  5. I had some issues with the Weta guys but fortunately Sprue Brothers came to the rescue.
  6. They arrived today.
  7. Holy skills Batman!
  8. Hello, Your build is giving me another reason to keep checking LSM! I enjoy scratch building but I am not even near your level of skill to attempt such a project. Good job!
  9. Hello, I haven't noticed your post until now. It is a very nice build that you're doing. Also you are giving me the idea of trying to make a group build of these aircraft. I will probably do a what if late war night fighter or a captured one. Anyway, very nice build and now I feel itchy to get one.
  10. I want to build a Gunship B-25H but I could not find a reasonably priced kit. I contacted the HK guys but they could not help. For that reason I made my own.
  11. Thanks. It took me +- 5 hours to build working little by little over a longer time.
  12. Although the part is almost done, I need to add a little more detail, including Brass .50cal guns and some riveting and after attached to the model it will be properly painted.
  13. Gentleman, Is there anybody living in or near Virginia that is planning to attend the IPMS Richmond 2017 Old Dominion Opening? The event will be on Saturday the 25th. Here the add link: http://www.ipmsrichmond.org/contest/2017-ODO-All.pdf
  14. Gentlemen, I am taking a break from the Italeri Mirage by working on the HK Do335. I like the Luftwaffe night fighters, therefore I decided to convert the kit from a B-2 to a B-6. The only rear tub picture I was able to find was from a 335 that the French flew and it did not have any radar equipment. The model is going to be a what if because I do not know if in reality any B-6 was actually constructed. For the build I am doing a little scratch build, Eduard wheels and photo etch. Please feel free to suggest and comment, as I am very​ much shooting from the hip on this one. Paulo Dubon
  15. Gentlemen, I apologize for my lack of skills in English composition, but I will do my best to write a little about the new Italeri Mirage. I am fully aware that Italeri kits are not up to the standards of Tamiya, Hasegawa, etc. but for the price of their new Mirage III, I was expecting a little better quality, regarding the fitting of the parts. The parts on the sprue trees look quite nice, and the assemblies of internal components fit well, but when it is time to assemble other components, for example the jet intakes, the kit just does not fit well. I also had a bit of trouble with the wing assembly, because if it is flush on one end there will be a gap on the opposite side. So far this model has been very putty hungry, and frustrating. To make it a good nice looking model, you will need a high level of expertise, which I do not have, and lots of patience. I am building the kit with the Atar 9C, to represent one of the few upgraded Israeli Mirages at the time of the Yom Kippur war, unfortunately, the Isracast tail assembly does not fit well, for that reason I modified the kits tail to make it work. I think the kit can make a nice looking model when completed, but I do not think it is going to be an easy build. Here some photographs of the build so far. I used the Eduard cockpit upgrade. Some lead wire for hydraulics Lots of putty.
  16. You are unbelievable good!
  17. Hello, Here the latest update. The kit is almost done, all it needs is the exhaust flame suppressors and the rear canopy. I was going to do that last night but I have bronchitis and I feel like a pile of rubble.
  18. Almost there! Just a few more details and I will call it done.
  19. Gents, I have been wanting to build a F-4E Kurnass using the 1/32 Tamiya kit and I think I had everything I need to do. The reason why I keep stalling on the project is the absolutely terrible intakes that Tamiya engineered on this model. I bought a set of Rhino Model works seamless intakes but I do not like the way they fit. I decided that I was going to try to use the kit’s parts and see if I can make it work. This is the Rhino's resin intake. And this is the kit's intake pieces. The inside has been puttied and sanded as smooth as I can possibly do it. I will get rid of those huge gaps. This is how I am planning to install the intakes to the fuselage. I hope it works.
  20. Hello Cees, I did smooth the milliput with a wet finger, then a couple applications of Tamiya grey putty.
  21. Gentlemen, I need your opinions about the finished product. I must chose between this or the aftermarket intakes shown above. Thank you.
  22. Good job! I wish I was that prolific. I have so many models 90% completed when I ran out of steam.
  23. Gentleman, I have a 1/32 HK B-25J Strafer, but now I want to build the Gunship version. Does anybody in the US want to trade the Gunship nose (sprue V) for the strafer sprues T and U plus eight Master Model .50 Cal barrels. Thank you.
  24. Drifter, The Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propellers were made of steel. The Hamilton Standard Propeller corporation started in 1929 with the merging of two companies, the Hamilton Aero Manufacturing and Standard Steel Propeller. The company had several owners, some of them were: Boeing, Sikorski and Pratt & Witney. To minimize supply problems and maximize production, both the Lancaster and the Mosquito used the same propellers (paddle and skinny). Unfortunately I could not find a picture of an early Mosquito with damaged props to show them bent but I did find a Lancaster with damaged props. I hope this info was useful to you. Paulo Dubon