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HK Models DH Mosquito...............but not as we know it Jim.

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Hi all,

Since the middle of september I hadn't touched a modelling knife or kit. Reason for this was having to redecorating the new appartement and moving into it. The modelling juices had evaporated and the B25 was languishing in it's box. I seemed to be lost.


Luckily Telford was round the corner and this did the trick ( as well as bringing home a Mossie kit with me).

Having seen all those wonderful Models my spirits lifted and this evening work at the workbench has commenceth.


Well as you know I cannot help myself by doing impossible projects and this one is no exception. The HK Models B IV will be transformed into the first one, W4050. Haven't made up my mind yet if it will be all yellow, half yellow and half wood or topside camouflage with yellow undersides. What I do know is some butchering was needed. The pics show what happened next.







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Let's see then,

The flaps on the prototype are a single unit. Due to buffeting the nacelles were later lengthened creating split flaps.

Here I have to make a single unit again. I left the sprue bit in the middle for strenght. Bridging the gap with plastic card is plan A.

Hope it works as I do not want to scratchbuild new ones, but if plan A fails, oh wel.

I also want to correct the radiator opening a bit. Tried bending but the plastic is too thick, so the razorsaw to the Rescue

Again. Later I will fit more shallower leading edges from plastic card. The fuselage fairing needs to be modified too.

The strips on the topwing are marked for removable, this was a postwar modification, so some heavy sanding is needed.

This is fun.








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Oh well, I have recently moved house and last week a new heater was installed, they didn't mention that it came with water seeping underneath the laminated Floor. So had to rip the 3 week old Floor out Again. Souldestroying and bad for modelling motivation but it will improve hopefully soon. Looks like we are now camping in our own home.


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About 60% was damaged, oh well, we'll see what those kind insurance people will decide :huh:

Modelling motivation has gone down the drain for the time being.




You keep searching for excuses NOT to model! Pffff, some dampness on the floor....

Just be a MAN like me and confess you just don't do anything with your models!



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As promised, las pica's.

The nacelles have been cut into sections, but the correct lenght still needs to be determined. Trial fit of the flap is satisfactory. Can you spot the difficult job ahead............?


Well, The crossection of the bulkhead and the rear fairing do not match. Either Milliput to the Rescue or scratchbuilding a new fairing.

We'll see.










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Could be, as soon as the definitive length for the moving flap has been determined. The rear section of the nacelle moves inside the nacelle itself when the flap is lowered.






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