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Mirage Hobby 1/48 PZL-23 "Karas"


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I hesitated to post this, since I wanted my first completed project on this forum to be something "large scale". But, this is what has been preventing me from getting to that build (I build smaller scales for other people, but most everything for my own collection is now 1/32). Now that it's complete I can get serious about my next "ME" project.


This is Mirage Hobby's 1/48 PZL 23 "Karas". It was built pretty much OOB, except that I had to replace a broken gun barrel on one of the defensive MGs and I also made the leading edge slats from sheet styrene, as they were optional on the real thing and not included in the kit (but were on the particular aircraft that I was modeling). For a limited run kit, this is pretty nice and the cockpit, in particular is pretty complex, but fit better than many mainstream kits. Other parts of the build were a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well. I used MM enamels for most of the paint work and weathered it with oils and pastels. I also tried a variation of the salt technique, similar to what Aaron did with his Ju 88C build. However, it was so subtle that the effect pretty much ended up being lost in the oil weathering, later on (I didn't want to go overboard and mess it up, especially since this was someone else's model!). I still learned from it and will continue to take it further on future builds.


Markings are from the kit and depict an aircraft in Romanian service around Odessa in mid/late 1941. The kit decals were better than expected and I used them all except for the rudder stripes, which I painted on.


















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Friggin lovely AND unusual! 

Don't think we'll soon see a large scale kit of these.


Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, guys!


I don't know, Jeroen. I think the best bet would be from Silver Wings, given that they've just released the P.11, but you're probably right. It would be a super cool model if someone did it in "our" scale, though!


Thanks again,



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Wow! That model turned out great, John! I'm glad you posted it! I really like the differences in hue in the camp and the effects of dirt, realizing full well that they jump out because of the flash and are far more subtle under daylight!




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