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1/35 Takom Whippet

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Yes... Yes.. I finally pulled my finger out of my ass and made some good progress on a project!


Takoms Whippet which I picked up at Telford for 30 pounds, which I thought was a pretty good deal! I am building it from the box, so it should be straight forward build....


I have started off by gluing and sanding one side of the wheels and then realized that its going to be all hidden. So I stopped the hard task of sanding each wheel and quickly cleaned them with sprue cutters. I find the wheels are pain in the ass to do, so I skipped one side for the moment and came back to it later on...




One small little mod I made, was with the tension bolts for the rear main wheels. I removed a section of the bolt between the hull and middle nut, and re-glued it into place.




Side hulls are attached to the floor section. Nice fit no issues what so ever!




I did have a small fit issue with the roof... I couldn't get the small gap to close, but I have seen a couple of other builds with the same issue... So maybe its a Kit issue and not me!




I left the door ajar a tad to give it a bit of character, as I planning to display it on a base looking abandoned...




And with a little bit of Child labour, my oldest son gave me a hand clicking all the tracks together. Took us about 5 minutes to do both sides...


So this is were I am currently... Pretty quick build, maybe 4-5 hours spent this afternoon. A couple of small things to tidy up.. But I should be getting some primer and paint onto pretty soon.











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Nice! So what's with the roof?


Not to sure... I thought it was me, and had it misaligned. But I unglued the parts to double check and still had the issue the second time around.


These early armour types have a lot of character.

Nice start.




Yes indeed! I guess its the simple shapes that catches me.

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Looking good.


Russel H over here's just finished constructing the Meng Whippet, it looks like a pretty good build too- pretty much a "weekender".


Will be building one of these in the future. But with crosses.....




Dan M

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The Meng Whippet tracks are definitely more fiddly & require more cleanup. Still no hard task though.


Dave, have had the opportunity to have a peep at the new Takom Mk1 Female. Looks quite nice. Some of the Sprue attachment points are a little heavy-handed, but it's not overwhelming in parts count....I think it'd make quite a nice build too.


Not ashamed to admit it, I voted for WW1 in the new armour GB. Bring it on!




Dan M

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The last couple of nights I have been spraying the Whippet... I started first by paint it with AK interactive Khaki Base from the Brit WW1 tank set... Took me age to get the paint to spray nicely... I don't know why I try to use the AK paint, as I always have to clean out my Airbrush 2-3 times, and its a real ass to get it to spray correctly.. But it did look nice and smooth once it was dry...








Till I realized that I painted it the wrong colour!!!!!!!! :angry::wallbash:


So after checking the paint call outs (which I should of done in the first place!) I had to figure out what Ammo paints convert too... I couldn't find any charts from Ammo to anything else, so I jumped onto 1990.co.jp website and had a quick look what Meng had listed for their Whippet... Luckily it was Vallejo 71.015 Olive Grey which worked out to RLM 71, which I have plenty of! So back to spray booth and this is where I am at the moment....







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A little bit more work last night... Tracks were primed with Mr Surfacer 1500 Black and then given a mist and a random spray in areas with Hull Red to start giving it a rusty look. I will hit them with some pigments soon..




The ID Stripes or whatever they are called are masked off with some Tamiya Tape and then the areas are first sprayed with AK Worn Effect Chipping fluid, and then painted with Tamiya Flat White and Red.








So now its the fun part making it dirty! I will mostly likely hit this part in the weekend...

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