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Tamiya 1:32 P-51D WIP

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Here are my progress photos of where I am on this massive build. I had posted some progress on the original SPAR Forum, so here it is again, incl. today's pics. In case anyone wonders why I've painted one stabiliser black - I wanted to prime them with black, and then paint with the metallics before attaching to fuselage but then after doing one, decided not to go that route. Cockpit was livened up with the excellent Barracuda decal set. (Thanks again Rick!)


The fit on this thing is superb. Even better than I had expected! I plan to prime with a semi-gloss black and then use Citadels for the metallic parts. All the paint you see on it is water-based (meaning Tamiya Acrylics and Citadel).


I debated whether to putty the wings as I did on the 1:48 kit but decided screw it - life is too short!


Thanks for looking.









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Thanks Thomas. Photography is just a serious hobby (I have many hobbies!). I have a good SLR and some seriously good lenses. The lighting for these were simply daylight through multiple windows. No electric light/flash whatsoever.


Awesome! Like this build a lot! Rock on!


BTW: are you a photographer? I am impressed by those clear, sharp and well lit pictures! apple%20service%20smilie%20hand.gif

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I finally made a bit of progress on this P-51. Primed the entire thing with Tamiya X-18/X-1 mix, followed by Citadel Mithril Silver (which now has a new name which I don't remember). At this rate I should finish by Christmas! Next up is panel variation, then on to decals and wash.





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Guest styrenedemon

No...that is not Acrylic paint! Freaking amazing finish. I really envy you right about now.

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