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Revell 1/32 ju-88 a1j

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Finished this back in June, it was my entry in a WW2 bomber group build on another forum.

Had this kit in the stash since it was released and really wanted to build it but at that time I was still learning and lacked the skill and confidence to try.


I had a love hate thing going on throughout the build ( I can't explain what it was but I struggled to finish it) and right near the end of completion I managed to drop the fuselage like the pelican I am and dislodged the canopy, nose glazing, gondola and a few parts from the cockpit. My first thought was to stamp on it, but I counted to ten and with the encouragement of the other members of the forum I stuck it back together. The repairs aren't perfect but I'm glad I didn't bin it, but my lasting memory of this will be the sight of it hitting the floor lol.


I used an Eduard interior etch set and a couple of aftermarket swastikas and it was finished with a Tamiya gunze combo for the paint work.









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Never let emotion have the final say (I know, easier said than done).

If you hadn't told that story, no one would have ever known.

Turned out great. I like the landing light, small details can make the difference

for me. Nice work all around Pete :thumbsup2:

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Well, it do look nice and I for one can't see the joins! Really great job. I'm about to make a start on the ju88A-4 recently acquired for a very favourable price, just waiting for seatbelts. If it looks anything like yours (without dive bombing the floor!) I shall be very happy. I have had a bit of a soft spot for 88s since I built Airfix's 1/72 offering in the sixties.

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