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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Gorgeous, and great work with the putty!

Cheers mate,


The hardener component of the putty is going a bit solid and it was a mare to get it to mix lol, it still hasn't fully gone off either but should be OK as long as I mange to keep my fingers away from it



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Man these things are tricky to put together !


I only have one decent pair of fine nose tweezers the other ones have a tendency to "ping" parts into orbit, so I reached the limits of my patience very quickly lol.


I added a tiny bit of Vallejo umber wash to the belts to try and add some definition ( was really hoping these would have stitching detail on them)


Further along I added some thinned black oil paint to them ( as per instructions ) thinking this would magically make the stitching appear but alas all it did was make a bit of a mess.



I just used the Vallejo wash on the lap belts but the shoulder ones are looking a bit more grubby than I wanted.

So a bit of a fail there, guess I had better get to the pharmacy and pick up some talent pills lol


I think I will get away with it once it's viewed through th canopy




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There is a little photoetch bag ( tool bag ?) I have assembled and primed that goes on the shelf at the back of the pilots armour shield, I'm not sure what colour it's supposed to be so am trying to find some info



Got the rest of the turret gun finished. The instructions show that the top portion (with the guns) should be fitted further on in the assembly so I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass down the line



Sorry for the dark pics ( I need to improve the lighting ) but hopefully you can see I thinned out the gunners back support and drilled some lightening holes





And the tail gunners station is nearly there too

I did the scribing thing in the floor here too but I'm not sure how much will actually be visible once it's buttoned up. It looks like there will be some spare belts and buckles left after the pilots belts are done so I'll see if I can make some belts for here. The spares may well be for this purpose but the instructions are pretty lacking so I'm not certain


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Hi Cees,


I have been sidelined by a couple of little projects but I did make a little more progress before that and will post some pics shortly.


I Really struggled with the belts and made a mistake on the pilot ones ( I'll show where I went wrong in my next update ) and when I came to do the cockpit sidewalls I had a huge mojo failure, I just couldn't summon the will to start folding the etch and glue on small parts.


I'll get back on it this week though as I really want to get the fuselage buttoned up



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As I mentioned in my post to Cees I really struggled with the fabric belts. It wasn't so much that they were fiddly to put together ( although they are lol) it was more down to the vague instructions and me not paying attention to the photo of the finished belts.


After I had finished the pilot belts they looked a bit short and something wasn't right


Here are the parts for the copilot belts next to the photo on the HGW instructions



I managed to miss part 2 on the pilots belts and there's not much I can do about that now as they are glued to the seat and removing them will only end in tears. But I just couldn't figure out how everything was supposed to go together from the HGW picture



So in the end I used a spare buckle from the etched fret to connect part 2 to the main Y shaped belt and then followed the pic as best I could using the parts that are marked in the HGW photo


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And glued them to the seat, I couldn't have got them to sit more unnaturally if I had done it blindfolded but it is what it is



Im certain that this is not where the belt attaches on the real bird ( should it fix to the floor ?) but the length of the belt dictated where it fitted to some degree and this will be hidden behind the pilot armour so can't be seen



I found the lap belts much easier to put together, it's just a shame there is no stitching detail on them


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Control columns glued in along with the seats.


I'm not happy with the way the shoulder harnesses have turned out to be honest and the pilot ones just look plain wrong. I think it's just my inexperience with this type of belt along with user error but I will definitely use them again in the future as I prefer them to brass etched ones




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A small update.


I got started on the painting of the fuselage halves, fitted the unpainted etch and then shaded


Preshading is massively heavy in the rear I did a test fit to try and get an idea of what will be visible but to be honest I don't think much if anything will be seen through the gunners Windows So I'm not going to worry too much





I didn't realise it at the time but I managed the black box on the bottom right in the wrong place (Derp ! )


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It should be just to the right of the red box in the empty space.


It was at this time that I did spot it and there were a few choice Anglo Saxon words flying around the Petecave



It's well bonded on so I didn't want to risk damaging it trying to get it off ( it's etched brass) so I left it alone and used the kit part



I don't think it looks too bad and should get away with it


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Other half of the fuselage shaded and painted, contrast looks very high here ( cos it is lol ) but when it's sealed up its just going to look dark through the gunners Windows so hopefully the contrast will make it a bit visible




Doesn't look so bad here




Cockpit details on and the sidewall in the cockpit is done


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