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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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I'm in with another Mitchell, going to do it as Ave Maria as I've got a few pics that show she was pretty well worn so hopefully will make it an interesting project when it comes to painting.


I've got a little bit of aftermarket for it (masks and an eduard cockpit set) I may add the nose set but I'm not planning to go nuts with extras on this one, I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for a display so maybe I'll knock up a base to sit it on but I'll wait and see where this build leads me.


I got the kit just after Xmas last year with my Xmas money and it seems a shame to leave it sitting in the stash and this is the perfect excuse to get it built.


Obligatory box shot







Hope to make a start in the next couple of days



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Many thanks Jeroen and James !


Managed to find some bench time today so made a tentative start on this big bird. I've not built an HK kit before but was very impressed by what I saw when I first opened the box as all the parts are beautifully packed and the moulding is crispy crisp !


The instructions start with the mid gun station,so for no particular reason other than that that's where I began


No flash whatsoever but the inevitable moulding seams needed removing and this was a peace of cake as the plastic sands lovely



There are some pin marks in the reverse side of the floor and I don't think they will be visible after completion so to be on the safe side I removed them (nice and easy as they are very shallow so a sanding stick sorted it)


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The reverse side has no detail to speak of and I don't think much will be visible when it's all buttoned up but I thought I could add something to give a little bit of a lift just in case.


So I started to scribe some lines. I shamelessly copied the lines from a pic of the eduard etch ( I won't tell if you don't )



Next I added a few lines of rivets (only a few mind as I hate doing this lol )



And they look as rough as old boots lol, partly because they are but mostly due to the macro. Once some paint gets chucked on they should be jamjulla


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It really wants more lines of rivets but I only want to suggest a bit of detail and as I mentioned none of this will probably be visible at the end



And time for paint.


I began by adding some shading with a bit of thinned Matt black. The keen eyed among you will spoit that I didn't prime first, I'm a big fan of primer and always prime large areas before main painting or if I use filler or resin and etch etc (to unify the surface) but for small parts and parts that won't end up getting handled much (cockpit etc) I sometimes go straight on with paint. I use "hot" thinners too and this helps adhesion a little bit also on really fine detail it's one less layer to soften the detail.


Your MMV but it works for me and usually whatever tickles your tackle is the right way



Im just going softly on this and spraying into recesses as all I want to do is create the illusion of shadow and don't want harsh lines showing through the top coats



Same deal on this bit, spraying a fade rathe than solid lines.

In the background you can see I have gone much heavier on the floor as I want to create more contrast and try and get those lines and rivets I added to show



First coat of highly thinned gunze US interior green



Softly softly catchie monkey doing this as its easier to add more than it is to get it off




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So there we are I'm off the starting blocks, not much done I know but hey from little acorns right ?


Hoping to spend the day down in the cave tomorrow so hopefully I can get stuck in and find a nice rhythm as seeing all the sprues in the box is a bit daunting lol but I'm sure it'll come together before I know it


Cheers me dears



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