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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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This is my Christmas gift I got for myself :-). It's going to be my first 1/32 build so I'm pretty excited, yey!



Also waiting for the BIG ED set and some wheels from Eduard to arrive...

Couldn't wait to get started so cut of the first pieces to get a feel of the kit and try some dry fitting: I'm very impressed! About the size (no idea where to put this baby), detail and great fitting. Hope the extras will arrive soon so I actually can start building :-)



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Oh wow, she looks beautiful Jeroen! Is there a WIP of your build? I spotted one problem with the kit so far: the painting instructions are pretty vague. I mean there are very nice details but no information how to paint them... have to do some research, or making up stuff ;-)

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Here you go:




And here's the finished article:




Its was built from a test shot without proper instructions, PE or decals.

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Finally cleared my bench and got this beautiful kit back out of the box. Started with the interior as usual. Got a few extras for even more fun... going to enjoy this.




Didn't use a lot of the interior PE as the detail of the kit is very nice and crisp. The fabric seat belts are, well... not so fun to use (need glasses I think) but I like how they look. Cockpit more or less finished :-)







Thanks for looking :-)

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I'm very sorry but there is no way I can finish this in time for the competition :-(. Life and other projects where getting in the way so I withdraw and take the time needed to finish this great kit.

Good luck to everyone hoe's heading to the deadline!

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Wow love the paint work so far, must look here more often. The exhausts and oil stains look very effective. I know you said you'll take your time but I'm looking forward to another update soon....... all the best.


Cheers Bevan

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