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HK Models Mosquito B Mk. IV Series II (FPU) - (Diorama Finished)

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Aftermarket accessories:

Profimodeller: Mosquito Stencils,  Interior Mosquito, Bomb Bay Mosquito, Mosquito Pitot tube.




Eduard Models: Mosquito Mk. IV interior, Mosquito Mk.IV seatbelts Fabric + Painting mask.




AK – RAF Day Fighter Scheme, MIG Weathering Set for WWII British Cockpits, MIG RAF Fighters and Bombers Weathering Set.



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The goal is to depict one of the planes converted to be used by the RAF Film Production Unit. These planes were modified, to carry cine camera in the nose and were used to document some of the Mosquito operations. They had an extra Perspex panel in the nose to provide more glass for the cameras.

The Mosquito of Robert (Bob) Kirkpatrick. DZ383 (?)


The background for this project is a photo of Kirkpatrick (left) and a photographer passenger after landing at RAF Rackheath. They had been participating in the Shell House raid in Copenhagen.



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There is also this Photo of DZ383 painted in overall PRU blue dated may 1943. Apparently before its conversion into a FPU Mosquito. Still with exhaust shrouds, five spoke hubs, and no Perspex conversion of the nose. So I am guessing that the plane was completely repainted into standard Day Fighter Scheme, Dark Green and Ocean Grey upper surfaces with medium Sea Grey under surfaces and Sky Spinners, when it was converted?



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Thanks! I am though, still a bit confused about the "paintwork"

Since I have found these pictures of similar aircraft: KB195 "AZ-B"




And this one: DZ414 also converted into FPU operations.





So if there is anyone out there, having more information regarding these planes, it sure would be appreciated!

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Awesome choice. I've just gotten the Tamiya Mosquito and, being danish, it's going to be built as a Shell House raid plane too.


I don't have any specific info on the FPU Mossies, but I've collected some links and other info regarding that raid, so if you need info just ask.


Karlsen... are you danish too ? Danish name at least

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Yes i am danish too, Skanderborg.


I would be very happy if you could supply any additional information regarding the conversion of the nose?

And since it was a PR plane before conversion, how many Cameras were installed, standard PR IV or fewer?


Regards: Kent

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A little update on the Mossie build.


Started out by "destroying" my model, no seriously, a wanted to use the same approach as Gary Wickham as show

on http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/03/hong-kong-models-132-mosquito-b-mkiv.html


But first i had to cut out the new Perspex opening i the nose front...




Then I went on by separating the forward part of the fuselage, the reason beeing, to be able to do some more detailing in the cockpit later on.




I also shortened the cockpit floor as it is not to protrude into the new opening in the fuselage.


Happy Modelling! - Kent

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Usually i am constructing a wooden dummy first, and then using my liitle homemade Vacuum Box, to get it shaped.




The Perspex extention of the Mosquito PR IV (FPU) is not to complicated, so i'm quite confident this will do the trick.

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Hi Kent


Really excited to see how this goes as I am very interested in the RAF FPU Mossies as my uncle piloted DZ592, which filmed the Banff strike wing until he was killed in action on 09/04/45 filming the wing attacking u boats in the Kattegat. I hope to build 1/48 of his aircraft one day soon.


Info and reference on the FPU mosquitos is almost negotiable as I have found over the years trying to track info about my uncle. As far as I can ascertain, in the case of DZ592 , it was prepared and converted at RAF Benson by the Initial Preparation and Installation Party unit, whose job was to test all new Photo Reconnaissance aircraft and prepare them for their front line units with camera fits, mods and specialised spec. This may be the case for DZ383 as she was a PRIV mosquito as well and would have been based at Benson with 540 squadron initially before film unit duties.


I can give you some info on the cameras and how they were used by the navigator / cameraman if you wish.



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Wow. i would very much appreciate Information regarding the cameras!

In Particular the Cine Cameras used by the Photographer on the FPU Mosquitos!

How many cameras, how they were mounted etc...

I have what i have found on:




These are some of the photos i have found: 




All information is welcome! Kent

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Hi Cees


The FPU ( Film Production Unit ) mossies carried movie cameras.

Usually two cameras, one mounted in the nose on a mounting and the other camera was hand held, used in the nose and cockpit by the navigator / camerman. The cameras were Eyemo cameras; the nose was electrically driven usually and the hand held one, spring driven (clock work/ wind up). I have read somewhere on the internet about the nose camera hung in a sling but I find this strange as it would be very difficult to operate within a twisting and turning aircraft. Remember the FPU mosquitos were in a combat situation flying at the same height and speed as the aircraft they filmed but without armament .

I have some other technical stuff on the cameras if you need it.  


The F24 was used by the PR units especially the PR Mosquito ( 540 and 544 squadrons ) for both vertical and oblique work. Normally two 14 inch vertical cameras and one oblique 14 inch plus two F52  20 inch vertically mounted. The attached shows a PR IV with this set up.






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The first and second photos you posted show movie cameras used by the RAF FPU made by Eyemo. They had interchangeable lenses usually chosen by the cameraman  depending on the job and camera position.


I will put some stuff together for tomorrow for you.



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