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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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The by now familiar boxing...:




References and additions:









  A few more additions as we go . Also a gang of figs to be done as well. Becker cannon to be scratchbuilt for the beginning. This will take a while , been mulling for years now , the cannon is well into fabrication  , pix of that next.


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Very well then , Cees , winter , Phas , zavod and any and all others.Welcome.


I checked those figs , its a forgone conclusion ,I 'm a sucker for a good figgie.

I found a bunch more am , but we'll get into that as it comes into play.


My mission statement here regarding the subject is that it will be mostly fictitious , gaining details from various areas. Some areas will be documented or visual in nature , some will not. As WNW states in all of their instructions " color schemes are contentious at the best of times " . This works for modellers such as myself , I like doing whatever I want to.


 We have all seen the Gotha with the finely painted skull on its nose , also I have pix of a bomber that has polished plywood for the front section of the fuse. Multiply dimensioned hexagons , polygons , both patterned and freehand-painted , blues , greens , purples , mauves , and some more definite colors like light greens and grey's are all in consideration. I have a mask set for this kit already well into reality , small hexagon patterns for the entire model are laid out and a set cut. I prefer the idea of hand painted dissimilar polyganolhexagons! As you can see the fun has already started.


Equipment options are there as well , an airspeed indicator mount will be fabbed for the fuse left side. And the 2 cm cannon...


So there is plenty of room for some fun , without the bloody "digital calipers" 'aving to come out.


Here is where I start today:



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Thank you. I did see those and immediatly noticed the fuse caps are not separate , something I want and , a detail that can be seen in a number of photo's and how I will render mine.


 They look great though, into the maybe catagory!


Re-visiting today to see if the work to date still looks to scale:




Starting today with the gunsight.

 A Model Technologies gunsight was sandwiched between 2 Detail Master hot rod guage bezels. 4 more bezels were used for the barrel mount. I'll leave the strut between for final assy:



Some p/e fret coiled , .8mm brass tube , and some more fret will become the cannons handles:










Some deft file work will cleanup that errant solder.

7 hours to produce the gun sight and the firing handles.

Tomorrow the mag hardware and locking mechanism.


 Here is the weapon to begin the day:







Two pieces soldered together to match:


Makes a pair of flanges:




Mounting bracket gets some minor detail:


All in:



The mount wasn't doin' it for me so:



As it sits the cannon has: Evergreen plastic , brass sheet , brass tube , stainless tube .


P/E bits from: Detail Master , Model Technologies , The Model Car Garage , Top Studio , RB Motion.


 Parts compilation:



Main detail:



...a little more detail:



Final for this weekend:


What it did to my bench:


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(Do I want a Gotha too? I am afraid that Yes, I want a Gotha! - Starting saving up money now...)

 Easy laddie!

|I havent even cut the kit plastic yet! Thanks though!

 I 've been adding to my last posting , to keep a progression, I dont know how long the 'edit' feature will work.

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An all -out blitz resulted in the production of the bulk of the cannon.

The minute details took as long or longer than the main assy.

Here are the components , they include the main body , the mount  , the 2 curved mount arms with levers to adjust , the gunsight , the handles and the magazine.


Main body detail:




 Thin coats of heavily thinned Alclad gloss black base followed by a dark sea blue even thinnner mix gives some base to the weapon:






Some assy today on the gleaming , deadly 20mm cannon:


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Far East and Eelco, thank you.

 The cannon has been on my mind for a few years. The kit is well worth ( way to go WNW!!) an all out effort and I'll do my best on that score. Having a coupla pieces well into the final stages , I'll leave this for a while. The plan is to do the accouterments ie: weapons , bombs , Stossfahrgestell (front landing gear) , 4 bladed props , figs (over 20 now , having ordered all the CSM sets !) , base , airspeed indicator , etc , prior to tackling the bulk of the kit. Everything stated can be backed up with available pix , so not too much embellishment. A custom mask set for irregular polygons will have to be made as well, templates are ready , I just hafta draw a few hundred of the polygons and some how get them to fit the templates. I think the cannon is a really good start. Thanks for watching and commenting.


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Honestly this has inspired me to build mine - That cannon is incredible!


I also have something big planned for my Gotha and also ordered all the figures from CSM and Aviattic! I think they maybe similar :D


Again please keep logging this build!

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Thanks winter


I did one mask set , sent it off but never saw any results from it. It requires a lot of attention to the individual hex's. The set evolved quickly and after I sent it, I thought if I ran it through The Big Unit , I could print a dot of the color of each hex , on the hex as well as cut them out. Maybe next time.


 Mine will be the individually painted shapes that were the result of switching to night raids.


Decal package:


 And three more figs , the dispatch rider and the Tommy fig will require a modicum of re-arrangemant to fit in.:


 I like this guy , found him in a discount bin , he may be the dark horse:




 A full pull of WW 1 German service and flight crew are on the way from CSM . I looked at the Aviattic stuff as well , may turn out to be quite the party.

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Thanks P ,if I can pull it off.


Model forums have changed drastically in the last year -mostly for the better. That gives me a better chance.


Yeah that set is fairly large .The paper in this pic is 15" wide by prolly 34" long , it holds the kit shapes and hex 'fill':


Closely supervised by the feline overlords:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Nick!


 And the party is just starting as guests are still arriving:






 Parts in the order as well:



 And Gaspatch comes through with some exquisite Spandau's these are incredibly delicate and detailed, I wanna try a dual mount for the rear gunner in the Gotha:


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