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Tamiya Replacement Parts


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I need to replace a part.    I could not find link with contact for part replacement.  Saw link in FAQ for "How to...." no data on contact info like phone number or email addy.


I did send a general inquiry to the Customer Service asking for contact data.


Anyone have experience ordering replacement "trees" from Tamiya?


Thanks - Rick

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Hi Rick - just an idea mate...try emailing Tamiya HQ in Japan. As a commercial Company they will want to know you have in fact brought the kit and aren't simply trying to scam parts so they may well ask for the box code and kit number...there must be an email address for Tamiya (after all - they are TAMIYA). Failing that try phoning them in Japan - from experience I know their English speaking staff speak the Kings tongue as well as we do..I hope that helps Rick, and good luck!

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Hey Rick

I've requested occasional replacement parts over the years - never a full tree.

The address I use for Tamiya here in the US is usa_support@tamiya.com

They have always been great - always sourced what I needed & always got it to me asap in a carefully wrapped package. Their service & support has been excellent in my experience!

Hope this helps


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