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Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

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first AK chipping medium

then gloss black from tamiya


After that top coat blue, taking my time here,


I thought i was done, but i think i 'll need one more coat to unify everything.


here you see the difference with the wings i did before,


so after a light coat on to chipping.

see you soon,



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Chipping went rather quickly,



I don't know what happened here, but it will be easely repaired.



I could not help myself and had to see what it will look like once completed, so a little quick dryfit.



Still loads of stuff to do, but already really pleased with the result

See you soon



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You should be pleased with the result, your Corsair is developping very well. I really like the layering effect, which simulates the real thing, metal, primer, paint, grime and everything between, like chips and abrasion and weather influence.
Is there a slight tonal difference between the wings and the fuselage with wingroots? If there is that can be put like exposure to sunlight and fading colors on the fuselage and due to often folded wings a slightly darker shade on the wings.

Cheers Rob

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Thanx Rob, I think the tonal difference is there because

the wings are glosscoated and the fuselage is not. 

Since both are painted exactly the same way i think it should be ok

once everything’ s got the same shine wich should be mat/satin but not glossy (apart from some live oil leaks).

If it doesn’t work out like that then i will stick to the idea of less bleaching from occasional folded wings. 



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Thx for the likes,

I had a fruitfull Week End,

I started  slowly trying to bleach the linnen parts of the wing with oilpaints,

still needs some cleanup, but I think I am getting there


then on to the insignias, i had to repair the white and then started spraying blue (ink, see post about outer wings)

apart from beeing to white from the repair it looks ok


After this I went on to mask the walkways,

I had to do it twice because the first time I was of by 0.5 mm wich is huge

Lucky i spotted it before i committed to paint, repairs would have been difficult.


While pulling up the tape i pulled up some paint, damn. But what to expect with all those different layers.



The other side went without any problems,


And then I found out, to my horror, that I forgot about the small steps, so out came the masking tape.

This time I took care of detacking the tape before applying


I rubbed down the black paint almost immediatly after it flashdryed

and I also painted the repairs


with all these different sheens it doesnt look very good, but up close you start to get the idea


So, thats that
next post clearcoat to seal this all in.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi gents,


I am back,

still need to get in the mood for modelling.

I've started slowly with a pinwash,

the moment when you say oh no....



but it turns out ok,


close up







still needs some finetuning.


I am posting this build on an other forum and it was pointed out that in corsair birdcages the blasttube and flaregun where never installed.

so i got some filling to do


until later,

grtz free

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Hi Spliff,

always a scary moment with that roughly applied wash, but if the surface is prepared well, there is nearly no risk and after rubbing off the excess it looks great.
Surface detail on the Tamiya Birdcage is crying for such a treatment, as riveting and panelling is so finely replicated.
Nice Job so far.

Cheers Rob

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Hi gentlemen,

managed to do some things, hopefully I get back up to steam, i really want to get on with this plane.

Hole for flare gun that is not supposed to be there


plugged with some streched sprue dipped in liquid cement


After pushing hard and let dry for a moment,

cut it of and smooth the cut



I'll leave this to dry overnight and then hopefully with some carefull sanding and repainting nobody will be non the wiser.

In the meantime I attacked something that did not show until I gave it a wash. Ejectorpin marks, I wish I had seen them sooner



I sanded them out with a sanding stick cut to size

hopefully we wont see them again



until then,


grtz free

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Hola Senhor,

I failed to even see these ejector marks on my one. Thankfully I left my Corsair in Berlin, when I left for Spain, so no bad feelings and on my photos I couldn't see anything.

Hope you dryfitted the inner flaps thoroughly to the fuselage and wing, as on my build this was the worst fitting assembly of the whole process.

Cheers Rob

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2 hours ago, DocRob said:

Hope you dryfitted the inner flaps thoroughly to the fuselage and wing, as on my build this was the worst fitting assembly of the whole process.

Yes, I dryfitted many times and although they seem to fit fine it's still unclear how they supposed to line up with the hinges. Before I mount them permanently I'll need to take a look at how it is done on the real deal.

But thanks for the heads up.


And yes I know that it would be very hard to spot the ejector marks, but once I knew they where there, I just could'n leave them.

And you can be shure that once I post the RFI pictures, somebody will point out a glaring mistake I did not correct although it was right in front of me all the time,

but thats life.


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Hola Muchachos,

I tried to make my own custom sanding stick and it worked :)

Punched a small disk from 400 grid sandingpaper and glued it with superglue to a bamboo scewer.


And it did the job just fine,


I will repeat this now with 600, 800 and 1000 and then on to paint.

Until then

Grtz free

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Hi gentleman,

found some time to continue,

done sanding and masked for spotrepair





And painted, i made a mistake by not following a panel line when masking


In this picture you 'll see it better


There is still a shadow from the repair and while trying to blend the sprayline whit some sanding paper I also scratched the paint (not shown). It is really difficult to have the same translucence on repairs. I am going to think about how to solve this for a while. I think I need to repaint a bigger area, it will be easyer to blend

While waiting for paint to dry I did some more fading of the canvas parts.

I did all of them but managed to not take pictures, this is the only one I got.


Untill next time

grtz free

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Hi Spliff, what about a bluegrey filter on that repainted panel? Does it really show that much after adding the flaps? That is the downside of translucent effects, it's nearly impossible to repair.
Nice fading effect on the flaps, looks like fabric like it should. Reminds me a little of faded blue jeans.

Cheers Rob

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  • 1 year later...

Hello gentleman,

A year has passed and I finally dicided to continue with my Corsair.

I have a small window of a few weeks before my workplace needs to be converted to our improvised living space while we demolish our actual home, to construct a new one.

So I dicided to start glueing assembly's together and apply the remaining decals.

It's slow going because I have to get in the groove again.



the gap between the wings seems a bit to wide, it's better on the other side


That's all for now.

Grtz free

PS: a lot of pictures are missing because my provider changed URL's. If my old post could be reopened I could change the URL's and have the pictures reappear.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good evening gents,

the underside is more or less finished


Topside is getting there, still some clean up to do





Left top wing came out great


right top wing will have to be hidden under a tarp or something,

due to the thick layer of clear I lost all fine rivets and after a wash it just doesn't look right. To bad


now I need to detail the auxiliary bay and then it's on to final mat clearcoat and finishing.

4 weeks left, I hope I'll finish her

until then

Grtz Free

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Hi Free, nice and convincing weathering. This bird looks well used. One question on the way. the underside of the wing seems to have received some dust colored stains/panel lines and there seems to be none of it on the upper side. Is that proposed or just an effect of light and photography?

Cheers Rob

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