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Little Fighter, Large Scale - yes it´s the Yak-3


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Our recent venture into larger scales and the history of air warfare over the Eastern Front during WW2 seems to be the Yakovlev Yak-3 model kit and today I am happy to be able to share with you some photos of this project here and you are of course warmly invited to visit also our blog at www.specialhobby.info for more detailed photos and most up to date information on this rather complex project.


This magnificent box artwork will adorn the extra-parts packed Hi-Tech release:



Some of the parts are these:



The tiny parts for the plane´s interior (cockpit, wheel wells etc...) are nicely detailed as you can see here:



And although the plane was of simple and almost wood construction, the surface detail do not lack interest to the modeller:


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Hi Cess, I've just read an article on 'Normandie- Niemen' called Yaks over Konisberg in a magazine called - spitfires over Berlin, the air war in Europe, 1945. Amazing read, good colour photo to start, and detailed accounts of the aerial dogfighting at the time. I was totally captivated by these yaks and the men who flew them, now I'd like to build a yak 3, and also a lagg 7. I reckon my collection could do with a couple of red stars to break up the usual suspects, cheers Oz

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