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Hello everyone,


Allow me to present myself!

I'm Ricardo Veríssimo, a modeller from Portugal.

(one) of my passions is this hobby since i was allowed by my parents to operate knifes, scissors and glue !


My main interest are airplanes and AFV, mainly in 1:48 and 1:72, despite having several 1:32 scale airplanes , 1:35 AFV and several 1:24 Cars (mainly american muscle Cars).


I've been keeping my focus on this smaller scales due to limitation space to store finished models, nevertheless i'm aiming to build a 1:32 Scale soon ( Eduard 1:32 ME-109 E1), so stay tuned!


thanks for receiving me!


I'll post some of my (micro) models on the appropriate area of this forum!


All the Best from Portugal,

Ricardo Verissimo

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