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Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt "Dottie Mae" WIP

Guest DannyVM

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Guest DannyVM

Everybody remembers my fiasco with the P-47D Thunderbolt 'Dottie Mae' regarding the nose-art decal.:wallbash:A piece of the decal came loose when i did some taping prior for shooting some smoke stains onto the cowl. When removing the tape i accidently teared some decal away from the model, so in short word's, i needed a new Dottie and allots of courage to restart the nose-art. Well i'm happy to say i found the courage today. I leave some comment's with the photo's.

The old decal, after a piece was teared away from the model.


It took some thinking in how i was going to remove the rest of the decal, prior to put a new one onto the engine cowl. My thought's where, iff some tape could do the job when masking, i could use the same tape for removing the rest. Only thing, i couldn't risk the fact that i also could teare some paint from the model, so i took a toothpick, and rolled some of the same tape around the toothpick, only with the sticky side turned outside. This way it was easy to pin-pointed the removal of the old decal.


And my idea worked.


This is the old decal.


And this is after the removal of the decal.


Et voila, the new Dottie Mae shines in all her glory back on the cowl of the mighty JUG. Only thing to do is shoot some flat clear coat onto the cowl.




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Guest DannyVM
3 hours ago, DocRob said:

Nice save Danny, hope mine will be near as good as yours. Actually yesterday I put the large decals on my Jug, including Dottie. Next are the numerous and boring stencils.

Cheers Rob

Thank's Rob. I'm sure your's will be stunning once it will be finnished. I'm curious about your decaling job on Dottie.:thumbsup2:

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Guest DannyVM

Thank's GazzaS. It's time now to start the rest of the whole project. A base plate, Dottie herself and some snow covered landscape.

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