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1:32 DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea)

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Hi all,
Here's my latest 1:32 scale model, the 11th from my stash.
It's the Planet Model DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea) and is my first resin kit build.
I felt the need to correct or modify quite a lot during the build and it's all covered in the build log, along with a brief aircraft history.  The build log can be viewed or downloaded from here:


The basic colour scheme for this aircraft was very light and lacking in character.  Although as a prototype only it wouldn't have flown much, I decided to 'weather' it up more like an operational aircraft.  I also animated the flying control surfaces, again to 'liven' it up.
There is very little data and only a few photo's of this aircraft, but one shows a civilian figure sat on the starboard lower wing and who could have been one of the two senior designers, so I adapted a figure from MiniArt and also added a mechanic from Model Kasten.  The rigging is 0.12 mm mono-filament with GasPatch turnbuckles.

I'm now working on the MicroMir Fokker E.V with Aviattic lozenge decals, Roden engine and Pheon decal markings.




















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This one is truly uniqe, must be one of the first planes with a streamlined design. I can see a direct line from the Floh to the ME-163 Komet and finally the Super Guppy :). Both of the guys in the picture seem to think "strange thing, is it really flying?". I like the design of the bird and the job you have done. The pale grey makes it easier to recognise the strange shape.

Cheers Rob


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Thanks Rob - That was exactly intention of using those two figures, sort of 'Really??'

The colour scheme is slightly lighter on the wings than the fuselage, as I guessed on linen covered wings, the colour would look lighter than the same colour applied to the plywood covered fuselage.

During testing the aircraft easily exceeded the speed of the current operational fighters, which was the intention.  Unfortunately, as you can see, the pilot had virtually no downward vision, hence the undercarriage was trashed during a test flight, after which the 'inspectorate' showed no further interest in it.

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