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Slovak Air Force is buying F-16 block 70/72


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US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Slovakia of F-16V Block 70/72 configuration aircraft for an estimated cost of $2.91 billion. 

The Slovak Republic has requested a possible sale of fourteen F-16 Block 70/72 Viper configuration aircraft along with weapons.

The Block 70/72 is the latest evolution of the venerable F-16 fighter designed in the 1970s. Mach 2+ capable fighter has a max weight of 48,000 lb / 21,772 kg.

The core of the F-16V configuration is an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, a modern commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based avionics subsystem, a large-format, high-resolution display; and a high-volume, high-speed data bus. Operational capabilities are enhanced through a Link-16 Theater Data Link, Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod, advanced weapons, precision GPS navigation, and the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS).

Slovakia intends for these aircraft to replace its current fleet of MiG-29s.  Slovakia's current fighters are not inter-operable with U.S forces or regional allies.

Purchase of the F-16V will provide Slovakia with fourth generation fighter aircraft capability that is inter-operable with the United States and NATO.

The Slovak F-16 Viper fleet will be equipped with Northrop Grumman’s APG-83 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radars, Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems, LINK-16 (MIDS-JTRS) secure communication systems, M61 A1 Vulcan 20mm Guns, LN260 EGI Embedded Global Positioning System Inertial Navigation Systems (EGI) and AN/AAQ-33 Sniper targeting Pods.

Weapons part of the deal include thirty AIM-120C7 air-to-air missiles, one hundred AIM-9X  air-to­ air missiles; twelve (12) AIM-9X Captive Air Training Missiles, two (2) AIM-120C7, twenty-four (24) AIM-9X additional guidance units; two hundred twenty-four (224) each Computer Control Groups and Airfoil Groups for GBU-12 Paveway II 5001b Guided Bomb Kits; twenty (20) Enhanced Computer Control Groups for Enhanced Paveway II (GBU-49); one hundred fifty (150) KMU-572F/B Guidance Kits for Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) 5001b Guided Bomb (GBU-38); sixty (60) LAU-129 Guided – Missile Launchers; thirty-six (36) MK-82 or BLU-111 500 lb Inert Fill Bomb; four hundred (400) MK-82 or BLU-111 500 lb Bomb Bodies; four hundred (400) FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuzes.

 Also included are fourteen (14) Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II; fourteen (14) AN/ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management Systems; sixteen (16) AN/ALQ-211 Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suites; sixteen (16) AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispensers; Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF), Secure Communications and Cryptographic Appliques; Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS); ground training device (flight simulator).other related elements of logistics and program support.

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