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Just now, Bomber_County said:

My bucket list is Reno for some racing and then Oshkosh followed by visit to Seattle.........I reckon instead of Martin’s pick are there any 51’s or Sea Fury’s.....

Yes! I think Miss America and Dreadnought are the favorites right now. Actually the field is all P-51's and Sea Fury's except for the Yak 3 and one P-63

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Aircraft Name


Aircraft Type

Aircraft Color

Primary Pilot
2 Goldfinger    N551MB F-51D Mustang Polished/Gold Brown, Mike
3 Eagle's Wings    N63SF TMK 20 Sea Fury Bare Aluminum Sanders, Dennis
8 Dreadnought    N20SF TMK 20 Sea Fury Silver/Red Trim Swager, Joel
11 Miss America    N991R P-51D Mustang Red/White/Blue Hisey, Brent
21 Crusader    N51JT P-51D Mustang Silver/Yellow Thibodeau, JP
31 Speedball Alice    N64824 P-51D Mustang Green/Gray Vance, Dan
35 Full Noise    ZK VVS Yakovlev 3M Gray Camo/Red Frew, Graeme
41 Lady B    N151FT P-51D Mustang Gray/Blue Pfleger, Michael
44 Blondie    N151D P-51D Mustang Silver/Red Seghetti, Brant
62 Bunny    N151BP P-51D Mustang Polished/Red Nightingale, Tom
63 Pretty Polly    N163BP P-63C Kingcobra Green/Gray/Red Dale, Jim "JD"
71 Sawbones    N71GB FB 11 Sea Fury Dark Gray/Gray Brown, Curt
81 Lady Jo    N327DB P-51D Mustang Silver/Blue Gordon, Rob
114 Argonaut    N19SF MK 11 Sea Fury Dark Gray Smoot, Sherman
924 924G    N924G TMK 20 Sea Fury Dark Gray/Yellow Watt, Mark
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YUP that's the one I remember at the Abbotsford Air Show, MANY years ago, I'm glad they diudn't cut her up to look like Strega, et-al...... she is one BEAUTIFUL aircraft, I'd LOVE to see her again....... thanks for the pics of her


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14 hours ago, smitty44 said:

Image may contain: cloud, sky, airplane and outdoor

I've seen her fly many times, just never at Reno.

One thing I've loved about her is that she's always been "Miss America".  Never changed, or in ant way made different, just kept as the old classic Miss America.  The temptation must have been strong for some guys wanting to make her "theirs".

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