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WOLF BUDDEE... Jeff posted this

MARU 5137

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Wolf Buddee, Congrats !!! - Page 2 - General Discussion - Large Scale Planes

Jeff who is a member here and there and everywhere posted this over on the other site...


Thought his old friends might like to see this..


Congrats to him  for a STUNNER of a model.:unworthy::respect: and rightly deserved too!!




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Sorry guys, I should have posted here too..... I wasn't sure Wolf would see it here, but yeah, it was really cool to see him in the latest issue of our IPMS Canada R/T ( Random Thoughts) journal, front cover AND two pages inside, even a pic of the old Grumpa getting his award, and a mention of a 'Drinking Vessel'........I wonder if he christened it with BEER??........................ whiskey????   Come on Wolf 'fess up, it wasn't hot chocolate............... was it??  Thanks Maru, for keeping me on the right track... my apologies guys....

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