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Supermarine Attacker


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Just a few images and a short film from Telford 2018 of my new Attacker, We sold out at the show and they will available again later this week once I've finished designing the web page.


45841247631_a7c7713b25_b.jpgIconicair Stand SMW Telford 2018 by Graham French, on Flickr


45841278871_116ab9e2ea_k.jpgiconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker Kit on display SMW 2018 03 by Graham French, on Flickr

45792200322_b113ac72dc_k.jpgIconicair 1:32 Supermarine Attacker on display SMW 2018 02 by Graham French, on Flickr

44024720730_619a1d0a38_k.jpgIconicair 1:32 Scale Supermarine Attacker Kit 01 by Graham French, on Flickr


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