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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

MiG-3 1/32 Trumpeter

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From corrections -
Wheels, landing gear, gear and blades, steering surfaces, chassis shields, radiator fairing, put the missing grille. Fixed the cockpit, braid of the aircraft, landing gear niche, tried to fix the back of the fuselage ...
Replaced PCs and guides with thinner and more accurate ones from ICM И153
Only one thing pleases - in spite of the amount of inaccuracies, it is still more accurate than the Yak-3 from a special hobby.)
Worked out a new technology for winter camouflage.
But still not very satisfied with the work (



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you know what it is dontcha... authors don't like their own books , painters criticise their pairings so you not being satisfied is unwarranted because I think your build looks AWESOME.

If I could build like you if be very happy  


You did a great job... :151_41_44_712.09472830013627761

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