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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

A tale of two Phantoms - an odyssey about to begin...

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Guest styrenedemon

Please don't! It will hurt too much. I had both these...and the other Tamiya Phantoms as well...and they were all lost during a hurricane.


Seriously though, I'll be looking forward to this and maybe I'll be inspired to grab another one at some point.

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1:48th Hasegawa FG Mk 1 has arrived - thanks to Sean (Mozzy19 on Britmodeller) and that will be a great help.


I've been studying photo's, photo's and more photo's and my current thinking is that the conversions I've seen done to date in 1:32 create too much of a coke bottle shape compared to the original fuselage plan view.


Off out today - but plastic cutting will start tomorrow...


I'm relying on input from you lot though - so don't be shy if you see anything awry - but pleeeeeze keep it all constructive!  smile.png


FGR colour schemes - suggestions so far include 2 Sqn and the shark mouthed 41 Sqn with EMI Recce pod - although it means I have to make the EMI pod (any photo's/drawings anyone?). Also quite liking the early 6 Sqn scheme...




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I've started to compare the 1:48 Hasegawa kit with the Tamiya 1:32 kit - and - yes - before anyone rails at me pointing out that this can be frought with danger and there's nothing to say the Hasegawa kit is accurate - I know!!  wink.png


However - if Hasegawa offered to scale up their kit tomorrow - would anyone object?


Am going through where the Hasegawa kit is in terms of accuracy first - then I'll read across what I can use to the larger build.






And tomorrow I'll probably make the fin tip RWR section as is should be straightforward and at least means I've started in earnest.



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          I love the Phantom .................... My FIRST job out of high school .......... I got to walk all over, in and out , of these babies in final assembly inspection at McDonnell.





You LUCKY B@##% !  :D

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  • 2 months later...

No actual build yet - am busy researching still at present - and have been offered full access to an FGR Mk 2 (F-4M) with tape measure in near future. Will report when that's done.




No way :unworthy: !!



Make sure you take a zillion pics as well as a zillion measurements  :D  !!


Being a big Phantom Phan, I want to build the RAF Phantoms in both 1/48th and 1/32nd scale.



Thanks for the response!

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I took a lot last week of the F-4K at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.

Not brilliant images - the airframe is part of the simulated carrier deck display and is *very* poorly lit. Camera set to 1600 ISO but I've still had to do a lot of manipulation to bring out shadows - otherwise they'd just be black holes.


So no awards for photography - but all helping to build a 'picture' (no pun intended!).
Firstly - a nice, large scale, model of the 'Ark' in the museum:

Followed by airframe (note this has added lighting etc. as part of it's 'take off' display...):








Back in a mo...


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Lol Iain!! ... MORE? ...

Lets see He.219, EE Lightnings and now this?

ahhhhh ...  I definately think you are constitutionally incapable of building a kit straight OOB :D

... and that means Hasegawa, Revell etc ... Not ZM or Tamiya (just to clarify) ... ;) ;)


Still ... we all enjoy your labours of love ... another build I'll look into with interest!!


Keep em coming Iain!!!

Rog :)

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