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Hello :-)


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Dear modellers,


I am happy that Mr. James H. allowed  MPM Company to be able to present here our products.

As the bigger scales are getting more and more popular in our community, I am sure that we will meet

here quite often.


If you will have any questions or comments re our models, please feel free to ask here or via PM.


I hope you will enjoy building our models.




Petr @ MPM


MPM Production


Czech Republic

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Hi Petr.


Welcome to our corner of the modelling internet world!


I am looking forward to the Tempest & G.50! I am glad to see that you have included an RNZAF scheme with the Tempest!

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Welcome Petr!


Very pleased to have you here :)


Very much looking forward to seeing your excellent products both here and on the Scale Plastic and Rail review site.


Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything (my fiancée is Czech :) )





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Petr, welcome to LSM ... it's really the best of the large scale forums. !


PS: What about a Do-17!!? dream/think .. rarity ! :D

Pretty sure that is on the Revell hit list no?


The He177 would be crazy big, but also crazy awesome!


Would love to see some German sea planes / flying boats - Do18, He115??

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It's great to have you on board Petr.


CMK were the first sets I used when I came back to the hobby, and I have a number of them still in the stash. Always wanted to build that He 177 too....perhaps one day!


Really looking forward to seeing what you guys will release.



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