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1:32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4/Trop "Yellow 10", II./JG5, Finland 1942

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Hasegawa's Bf109 F-4/Trop done out-of-the-box in 2011 with some Tamiya tape seat belts and left-over "Yellow 10" decals from a Kagero sheet...






















Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph. 

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Guest styrenedemon

Another absolute stunner. I seriously am digging this scheme too which I've never seen before. 


I'd really love you to do a build and give an extensive tutorial of your painting and weathering process. That splotched variation you achieve in the individual colors is awesome. Is that from salt masking?

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Thanks Gents - very kind words - much appreciated.


styrenedemon:  the tonal shifts in the paintwork were done by pushing the contrasting tonal variation during postshading.  The limitation with applying the colours by airbrush is that they always look soft-edged.  Most of the wing root chipping on this one was done with a 2B lead pencil.  The pencil was added in a couple of layers, and blended in with airbrushed grimy-coloured filters.  "Fresh" chips were added after the pencil-filter layers, just to pop out a few spots here and there.  I've been trying to use thinned Vallejo acrylics and the AFV "mapping" technique to add hard-edged scuffing.  Still trying to get the hang of it.  I've not tried the dissolved salt technique - think it would be very interesting to try on an Olive Drab-Neutral Grey subject. 


Cheers, Ralph.

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