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HPH Models... Some interest items coming soon!

Dave J

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It's nice ... but what would be nicer, is the option to buy it one of two ways ...


* As you see it there ...

* A cheaper option, with the interior sections only (for detailing the internals of the Revell kits closed up)


I can't see any use for the exposed skeleton ... I've only got Eduard Cockpit PE and Master barrels for mine as yet - but the resin interior would be something I'd look at!!


Rog :)

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I think that's a great idea, and it should make a great display piece to have all that structural detail on show.


It's really unlcear, from all the photos I've seen so far, what you actually get in the box though. If I got this I'd want to be able to fill in the starboard side of the fuselage with just the ribs and spars, so you can see all the detail but don't have that nasty blunt edge shown in the photos (which I think makes it look too much like a plastic model with one half left off).

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