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x2 1/32 Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (Tojo)

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I never really had a thing for Japanese aircraft till my trip to Tokyo in 2009.... I saw a built up 1/32 Tojo, and loved the forward swept wings on this interceptor... So I had to get one! well two!


I used the small bonus photo etch fret that was supplied in Japan's Scale Aviation magazine that is published November 2009 issue on both of them. I also added a small amount scratch detail in the ways of control cables in the cockpit, brake lines on the landing gears, wiring the ignition on the engine and drilling out the tail wheel fork.

Interior's was painted using a custom mix of Tamiya acrylics and the bare metal finish was done using Mr Color Super Metallic range. All the unit markings and Hinomaru's are painted on with Tamiya acrylics by using a set of Warpigs Circle Paint Masks, no decals were used (except for the B-29 kill markers). Chipping on the airframe was with a pin and on the propeller was done using a silver pencil.


First Scheme is WO Makota Ogawa, of 3rd Squadron, 70th Flight Regiment, Kashiwa Air Field, 1945.












Second scheme is 2nd Chutai, 47th Hiko Sentai, Narimasu Airfield







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I love the multi-tonal panels on this one. I'd love to be able to use the Alclad shades properly, but I always pull the stuff off if I mask.


Yet to build a plane in Japanese markings yet too :(


Another Moeggo triumph!

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