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Trumpeter M117s


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So I purchased some CAM M117s for my F-105 build.  Upon inspection rough doesn't begin to describe them. Lopsided, horribly cast, huge holes, etc...  So, I said, no problem.  I'll use the kit ones and they'll work fine.  Then I held them next too the CAM ones and the size difference is more than just a little noticable.   The Trumpeter ones are WAY bigger than the CAM ones.  Are the Tumpeter M117s the correct size?  If the CAM ones are better sized, are there better options than the horrible CAM ones?


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1 hour ago, Clunkmeister said:

I'm surprised at the CAM ones as well, Tony.  Have you reached out to the company and see what they say?  It almost looks like you got the 1/48 version, not 1/32.

I received two boxes at two different times and they are both the same.  On top of that the quality is horrible.   I cant describe how poorly cast they are along with about half of them being broken from the poor stubs with fins broken off, etc....

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10 hours ago, TJTX said:

I got a recommendation to order the ones from videoaviation.  I placed an order for 12 and hope they fit well.  I'm just VERY VERY disappointed in the CAM ones.

I'd second the Videoaviation recommendation. Excellent products and great personal service.

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