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Tamiya F-14D, project for the new year.


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So I started a new project in the last few hours of 2020, it’s a commission build that I promised to have done by end of January 2021, so I better get my butt moving!

The build is going to be box stock Tamiya F-14D with the Gunfighter 164 from VF-101 Grim Reapers 2004 scheme, the exception being the Quinta Studios 3D interior. Originally, my customer wanted the Grim Reaper scheme included with the AMK Tomcat, but neither of us wanted to invest in a whole kit just for the decals, so we are going with the Tamiya option, OK with me, the slightly more colorful scheme looks good too.





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Step 1, shave the plastic. 
Because of the way Quinta is made and fits, I use an Xacto chisel blade to shave off the bumps, but you don’t have to sand it down flat. Some parts I sanded if the panels were a little too pronounced, but on this kit, it mostly just required switches and knobs shaved off.

After that, I sprayed everything Dark Gull Gray, but hindsight, I think I should have tried dark Ghost Gray, might have matched slightly better.



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Today I started with the front pit, these are far easier than PE, all the levers, knobs, and handles are printed front and back, so the side stuck to the paper is also colored. 

One thing to note, these are really 3D printed vinyl parts, they are not decals. Yes they are printed on decal paper, which makes them easy to remove by the modeler after printing, the glue is very weak. I did a test and tried to stick one of the panels on with the decal adhesive on the back, however, it just does not stick well. I dipped them into water, set them on a paper towel, and slide them off to dry (takes about 30 sec). 

I chose to use CA glue, but I suppose you could use any type of PVA glue too. I used medium thickness slow, but you don’t want it to dry too fast, so you have time to position them. It turned out to be a non-issue, since they fit so well, there was not much room to move around. So far I did the front half and had no issues, other than two of the levers went pinging off, I gave up looking for them and moved on, to notice that both have CA glued themselves to my shirt. :huh:




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