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  1. If you want to get rid of all the paint quickly and completely, hold the P.E in a pair of pliers and place the part in the flame of a cigarette lighter or a match to burn the colour off. You can cool and clean the part in a small receptacle of water and once dry you're free to airbrush and hand paint your own details.
  2. Thanks guys. Sorry Bevan, you'll have to be patient, I've got a heck of alot going on at the moment. My scheme choice is "White 7"
  3. Something to keep things rollin' along a bit. Painted with my own 'off black' mix of Tamiya and Gunze acrylics and weathered with Burnt Sienna and Lamp black artist oils. I also applied some highly thinned dustings of Tamiya Buff. quite simple wheely.........ah really. DSC_0841 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr DSC_0844 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr
  4. Thanks guys for following along, I appreciate it. Things are pretty full on for me at the moment so bear with me, I'll update when I can. I just have to clean up a few more seams and random spots around the airframe, add a few missing rivets here and there; mask and attach the canopy and........ it will be ready for paint.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it. Pete.
  6. I'm not sure yet, but I will post here to let people know. I can understand how you can feel that way. I'm always happy to help other modellers if they ask and don't forget, you can find me here on the forums or I'm also just an email away.
  7. Hi Everyone, here's a couple of pics of my 1:32 Eduard 109E-3. I hope you like it. DSC_0582 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr DSC_0598 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr Ok, i'll have to save the other pics for publication so thats it for now. Happy modelling, Cheers, Peter
  8. Cowl on ! It needed a bit of shimming and some filler but now It looks like it should fit the bill. DSC_0819 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr I used plastic strip to shim in the gaps and I attached them with CA glue and accelerator. Then, all that was needed was some careful sanding with a file and fine grit sandpaper to make the cowl fit perfectly. DSC_0818 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr I also purchased Quickboost's supercharger air scoop but it looks a little undersized so I'll stick with the kit one instead. DSC_0816 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr Thanks for looking, cheers, Peter
  9. Hi folks, I must apologise for the lack of updates on this build, life throws you in the back seat a bit at times. I did get that cowl to fit BTW and its almost ready for paint. Thanks for your interest, Cheers, Pete.
  10. Hi Jeroen , glad you got your CMK wheel bay to fit, looks like the struggle was worth it. I bet you're looking forward to painting, i wish you all the best for the rest of the build, Cheers, Pete.
  11. The basic airframe shape is pretty good but you'll have to do a bit of work to get it up to modern standards though. The kit has raised panel lines, a basic cockpit and shallow wheelbays and under wing radiators. You might want to replace the prop and spinner and get new wheels to. It's a bit of a 'diamond in the ruff' but with a little elbow grease it will shine up ...... I'm still working on mine but you can see what I've done so far in my thread below, Cheers, Peter http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3257-raaf-spitfire-mkvc/
  12. Looks goods Colt, Does the Brassin engine fit ?
  13. Thanks Mikester, yes I've encountered most of the same fit issues as Ralph. In all honesty mine wasn't that bad really - just a few plastic strip shims with CA and accelerator then file, sand and polish where appropriate. I definately think the Quickboost part is the better solution if the Hasegawa cowl shape if it bothers you. I'll have to put some WIP pics up soon but I've run out of space with photobucket and I'm wondering if its worth switching to a different image hoster.....Can anyone recomend one? Peter
  14. Juan Villegas's 109 looks amazing ! He does the best aircraft finishes in the whole world, hands down ! I'm getting a copy.
  15. Thanks Mish, I'm working on the fitting the Quickboost cowl at the moment and it seems to be coming along nicely. Other than that life is a bitt demanding at the moment so sorry for the lack of updates. Cheers, Peter
  16. Very nice, looks like you've been busy cheers, Pete
  17. I have several different titles of Kagero Books and I always find their profile art to be quite inspirational ! I do have to say that from the pics above their interpretation of RLM 82 looks more towards RLM 71 though. Also, If I'm not mistaken, it seems as though they've taken their top view profile from their earlier' Top Color' book series. Perhaps something new would have been nicer in this case. Never the less, with those minor nitpicks aside it does look to be a very nice title indeed and I'm looking forward to getting a copy of one. Thankyou Jeroen for the review and to Kagero for tackling this subject. Cheers, Peter.
  18. Thanks Doug, Mmmmmm I'll watch out for the wing joint then ..... Yes, it will be interesting to see what ZM does with their new Fw 190 family when they come out. Looks like you nailed the home brew colours ! cheers, Peter
  19. Very nice Doug, I've been wanting to build this kit myself for quite sometime but I don't have one yet. I like your 81/82 colour scheme, did you use Gunze paints ? I have to ask, what's the story with the wing to fuselage join ? I see a lot of built up kits with a gap in this area so I wonder if this is a part of the kit that is either a little troublesome or just not up to par. I hope you enjoy the Do 335, Cheers, Peter
  20. Looks like they do Ralph ....... http://hgwmodels.cz/en/wet-transfers/404-p-51-djk-mustang-stencils-132-232008.html got any progress pics yet? Cheers,Pete
  21. So, do they have and estimated release date yet ?
  22. That's what my wife said "Ba-boom ching !"............. but thanks Ralph, yeah, hopefully I'll have less trouble with the Quickboost replacement. How's the P-51 going ?
  23. Yes, it's a bit of a PIA ! I'm still waiting on the Quickboost item in the mail. Judging from Ralph's build it looks like it should be less of a struggle then the Eagle Editions part.
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