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  1. No worries James - thanks for the immediate interest guys! . I should mention the 'fuzz' (not you Lawman 56) on the threads can be subdued with a thin wash when the model is nearer completion.
  2. When I wire custom bikes guys see me staring at the chopper , pulling wires this way and that, routing and re-routing to find the best, and safest path for the wires to go. The same with a model engine , take your time and use reference pics to determine the best way to route the HV wires. I see in WW1 aircraft some routing that would be out of the question on later aircraft. Getting there: WNW 's Biff has placed the spark plug 'posts' in a slightly diffewrent manner than the real Falcon , I chose to drill out the posts and attach a p/e nut from Top Studio: I ran the rope through the nut and into the hole, painting the tiny bit entering the nut: Tough to see! Piling textures/colors/etc into an engine compartment is a good thing , right Martha? As you can see the effect is a positive one: I hope this is good info for forum members. I look forward to seeing the different ways this is done by them. I have WNW's Gotha on deck so I am intersted in the Mercedes engine detailing shown here.
  3. Seeing the excellent tutorials going on here I noticed a request for techniques to replicate the high/low voltage magneto wiring on WW 1 aircraft. There are numerous ways to achieve this , very little that is "new" in modelling techniques . The issue for me was a way to replicate the texture of the insulation used during the period in question. Some HV wiring had ceramic discs the wire would go through and keep it away from conductive surfaces, remember those candy necklaces' when you were a kid? More common would be the woven fabric covering with some kind of insulative wrap inside ,around the wire. This is the one I chose for my Biff. Seeing the use of wire to do this I realized that sometimes it just doesnt look right to me. I had purchased some ship rigging rope for another project , I dug that out and chose to use it .The rope has a texture and 'look' , also it has some weight to it that replicates the HV wires a little more realistically. To my eye at least. The rope also measures to a suitable scale size. WNW provides accomodation for the HV wiring on the BIff magneto's: Eyelets are Athabaska Scale Models HO railroad P/E: The eyelets keep things sano while replicating the guides of the real thing . Researching mags will show some other connections , most notably the spark advance control , usually slaved to the throttle , and a Low Voltage wire for instruments etc. After atteching your HV wires to the mag mounting and routing takes place, the eyelets allowed a hole to be drilled and the eyelet mounted: HV wires get routed and pulled through ,gravity and a clothes peg help: continued...
  4. Excellent manifold work, more texture and colors in the engine area is a good thing.
  5. Are you stalled out on this because of the decaling mistake? I do have the decals somewhere and I made masks for my Biff , I'd have to dig them out . PM me if ya want them.
  6. Yes I believe they are printed , mine are great and excellent service from Gaspatch.
  7. Can you put up any build pix or the packaging? I collect m/c models and I have never heard of these kits. Thank you.
  8. I masked all mine so I've got the decal sheet somewhere in the shop. A recent move makes it hard to find certain items.
  9. Try some packing tape to remove the decal mess-up. Looks like you got too close with the hairdryer. I remember spending a lot of time with the ammo bag as well , I glued the hell out of it if I remember correctly.
  10. Our local IPMS chapter annual show theme for 2014 is WW1. So I will need to finish this guy: As well as this beast , a 1/9 Harley top fuel hillclimber: Big fun and cool modelling ahead!
  11. Good work. Keep your glue surfaces clear of paint. You've been warned!
  12. Joker , Rick - Thanks - The subject shown is for my 1/48 Fortress build . I got the 1/32 kit to solve some of the research problems I have encountered in the 1/48 kit. It will be a long while before I start the 1/32 kit, being over 1/2 way into the 1/48 build and the dio for that. I will be scanning drawings and doing some comparisons on the 1/32 kit , just waiting for one book to arrive. I have already done a set of masks for the 1/32 kit , with NA decals as well ,they can be seen here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=38905&page=30 ALPS is out ,most NA have a 'cloud' sprayed behind , or I could produce on white decal paper and tone down with the airbrush after. Lots of ways to do something , there is very little that is 'new' in modelling techniques. Did get my paint shop set up, looks a little tight but it'll work:
  13. I did get my edition of HK Models 1/32 B-17. The instructions are small but I can see them with my glasses on ,which I wear at the model bench anyway. So I thought I would use my graphic arts skills and equipment , excellent scanner , programs and output equipment (30" digital printer) to scan and enlarge a number of drawings I have in my B-17 reference library.These would include ,at this point , fuselage 3 views and instrument panel frontal photo's and drawings. The purpose of this work will be to satisfy my own (morbid?) curiosity regarding this killer kit. I point out that I will be scanning a selection of drawings rather than just one set ,this will enable a more comprehensive comparison ,not only of the drawings , but the kit as well. It'll be a lot of work ,but my skills are sharp. I do have one more book to order so the process will take some time. I do this all the time for my signwork ,so its easy enough for me. I am sure as hell I will NOT put my findings on this forum or any other , if anyone is interested in input or the results feel free to pm me. I see that threads regarding the B-17, on another similar forum to this one , can still go south without input from krow113!! Is that right or wrong? , I dunno, although I stand by my comments regarding "definitive statements" . Thank you ,Steve
  14. Thanks Mike .Swanny's is one of the best forums. The sites linked there are some of the best for WW I modelling. Good luck!
  15. Wicked work Cees. As for your question regarding the inner color of the fabric, I think that the sealing effect of the outer coating would not allow too much bleed through , maybe some staining where there are access holes or control cable outlets. There are no 'experts' left to dispute your choice in the matter so do what you feel is right, the rest of the work will be enough to boggle the mind! Thank you ,Steve
  16. Here is my rendition of the Biff: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=42357&hl=%2Bthe+%2Bbiff+%2Bpiece Am was kept to a minimum , and prolly only 100 or so scratched/added parts. There is a rigging thread here as well: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=42591&hl=+the%20+biff%20+piece There are sites on there with good info. The Bristol fighter is one of the better WNW kits, I used a jig to build and rig it , others have their own ways , I liked the stability and the ease of handling the model while it was secured in the jig. Parts needing the most work were the exhaust and brackets , the oil tank , and the observers guns and mount. Good luck!
  17. Nice work to date. The kit does have some minor errors ,most are easily fixed. The wing panels can be filled and re-scribed without too much trouble . I do recommend the recently offered JR landing gear, I dont know if he supplies a new tailwheel. Master barrels are a must as well. The Verlinden am kit ,I see you have already, is nice there is a lot of cockpit to shave off for a good fit. I had most of the touble with the windshield,gunsite fitting . Everything else worked out ok: I took almost 1000 pix of the build and made custom masks for the markings etc. Lemme know if you need some help. Good luck!
  18. A number of process's take place within the walls of my home. Here is where the modelling takes place: Here is where the graphic arts work takes place: You will see the 30" digital printer, I am waiting for my HK B-17 ,from wht I understand the instructions are in a small format ,the first thing I will do is scan and print them out large enough to be used easily. This is also where I make custom masks and decals for guys/dolls building singular subjects where these items are not readily availoable. Thank you ,Steve
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