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  1. maybe baby pants can go over this and make an oral baby report
  2. lol like the way you think lol
  3. Crybaby. Didnt want me to post on his sooooo precious thread. Disappointing to see him have to ask admin to remove it. My post was not offensive ,except to delicate sensibilities lol , and had to do with the subject matter: Racing Mustangs. Someone who rarely if ever complimenrts any one else's effprts here , whining to admins. Please dont let this forum get taken over by these types! lol
  4. wow "interrupting your wip ' pretty harsh interpretation surprised at your extremely thin skin maybe take a minute to compliment someone elses model on here ! YOU NEED TO CHILL ! lol
  5. Someone got their baby pants on ? A post I made was removed for seemingly no good reason. Someone got their baby pants on today ? Or just another elitist crybaby? Thought it wasnt like that here...
  6. lol problem with my posting about a p51 racer? grow up! lol
  7. Throw me in there , my customers are buggin' me to get a 3d printer , winning one would be ideal.
  8. Someone (not me ) just got a 1/48 Mariner kit....for $650.00 Amer'can dollahs!
  9. 360 Choppa got a lot of work over the hols. Wiring at 90% (engine wiring to go ) , front wheel spaced and rotor installed , handlebars modded to accept lever perch's and switch housings , rear wheel spaced and set up ... The pic shows the conflagration of tools and parts surrounding the bike:
  10. lol could be argued the demographic is circling the bowl too...
  11. It could be members who arent logging in too. Many of the forums die off a little at christmess time. My experience tells me that this forum is no diff than many others.
  12. Im not sure even more! lol The Natter to be exchnged for another model from another member, as I have done for the last 2 years. Im not sure about the other kits destination. lol
  13. The Natter for the exchange. The Hawkeye for the other . Its not making a lot of sense to me.
  14. For me please add this kit for the raffle; Kinetics E2C Hawkeye 2000 1/48 scale new kit sealed bags. Kit # K48016 And for the exchange; Fly 1/32 Natter , kit # 32002 Thanks and I hope I'm not too late!
  15. Getting even more vague. Perhaps a pic will help to see what is going on as it is far from clear what you are asking.
  16. So the rails are wood? Your post doesnt make a lot of sense. Steam and soaking are 2 ways of preparing wood to be shaped. A jig to hold the shape a little over curved so it will ease back to where you want it. Lots of ways to do things.
  17. My boys. Otis in black , Pure Evil. Bubba in all white , The Good Cat.
  18. yup those eyeball decals do everything except work! very hard to get to work properly! this is how you look/feel after a session with them ! the smaller ones seem to just disintegrate no matter how much time i put on them
  19. Big step on the 360 chopper. Getting the rear wheel and its components centered , spaced and sorted. Remember this has never been a bike, it needs to be built and inspected. So; Chain run aligned, drive sprocket and rotor spaced , wheel spacers sorted , brake caliper placed and the entire assy squared and centered in the frame. Torqued to 90 ft. lbs. and it spins very smooth and nice. Unrelenting supervision: Side by side sprocket and rotor spaced enough , with the rotor through the middle of the caliper: 1/2" steel rod confirms sprocket alignment for the chain run.
  20. lol Quite a few statements. Feel free to start making sense whenever it suits you. None of that pertains to me. lol
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