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  1. Mostly dry fit, but making a ton of progress. Its amazing how fast you can build when you aren't allowed to leave the house.
  2. Thank goodness! I had a freak out last night that I've got kits but may run out of stupid yet necessary things like exacto blades, tape, etc... Made an emergency order at Sprue Brothers but who knows what'll come up.
  3. Progressing on my F-16. Decided to paint and decal the tail section. First time using Two Bob's decals. Color is great and super thin, but extremely prone to tearing for some reason. Tried hot and cold water with them. The weasel was terrifying to get on especially over the hinge line, but it's down. Still need to go back and touch up a few minor areas and do the other side but I'm quite happy with how she'll look.
  4. We're not too bad off yet in our household. I've got my models and we've been slowly working on getting the nursery ready. The hard part is the daily stress of dealing with the economy. As of right now I'm still getting a paycheck but it looks like there might not be any flying in my company till colleges starting playing sports again in the fall if they even play then. Our owner us a good man with relatively deep pockets, but at some point he will acknowledge he is not running a charity. So, daily emotions range from depression, fear, anxiety, laughter, joy, peace, anger, etc.... I like to believe I was led to be where I am for a reason and I choose to talk solice in that feeling. I can promise you this, it's one hell if a time to be expecting a kid. I've been most angry about the lost opportunities we've had and will have to experience the process of bringing a child into the world. We're so wrapped up in getting through today that it doesnt even feel like we're having our first anymore.
  5. Absolutely wonderful Dale. Your persistence and skill are nothing short of inspiring.
  6. This will be exciting to watch. Your skills and this subject will fit perfectly.
  7. I wonder if they did cancel Nationals this year, if they would consider pushing everything back a year. San Marcos next years, Vegas 2022, etc. Seems like that would be relatively easy to do, no?
  8. They're gonna look great all finished and lined up Mark.
  9. Just landed. It is creepily quiet up in the air right now. Flying through corridors that should have tons of radio chatter and just absolute silence. I guess they're shutting everything down un Dallas for 2 weeks. Restaurants, bars, gyms, etc....
  10. We're under the south flow arrival route into DFW and it's crazy how quiet its become. I've gotta fly a day trip today so I'm very interested to see quiet it is on frequency. They've said this has been a quicker, harder hit to aviation than 9/11 was.
  11. Heck yea Dale. It looks really really good.
  12. Hahahaha!! I think that's most pilots feeling right now!
  13. Were the best. I'm still getting my goods from Sprue Brothers so alls well for now. I just hate stupid people so very much. They cant realize they are causing the shortage, not the other way round. I'm just praying to get through all this with my job still. I fly for a company whose main clientele is collegiate teams, so no bueno right now. Popped a nice big bottle of whiskey and put on my favorite singer to disappear in the music for awhile.
  14. Very eye catching in its complexity.
  15. I figured every business was gonna start feeling this soon.
  16. I love LSM. First website in the world to recommend fluffy bunnies for backside polishing. A problem solving lot we are!
  17. Holy crap that's amazing!
  18. One of the most enjoyable kits I've ever worked on is on my bench right now.
  19. Went to the store today because we were almost out of TP. Wasnt looking to stock up but needed some. Took a couple stories to find some.
  20. Just saw all travel to the US from Europe will be suspended for a month. That's gonna be a huge hit for airlines and numerous other companies. As long as the NCAA basketball games are still played even without crowds my company should be ok hopefully. I'm thinking my models will just have to be shown here as it may not see a contest table this year.
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