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  1. Thanks Harv. Its been fun digging into the airframe and problem solving the how tos.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words and supportive suggestions. You guys are helping immensely. I mocked up the canopy and noticed I'll need to trim the last frame of the rear canopy. The rear door area angles up and forw6and "eats into" the old greenhouse. I also see in the photos some of the framing was removed/covered a little more forward. All this will be done in time. Below is the areas of note.
  3. I cant agree more. I was talking with my wife the other day about the guys here and the support and friendships I've built. You guys are more awesome than you know and I'm truly happy to be here, a proud member of the squirrel mafia! The administration here run a wonderful place and I'm glad we're all here.
  4. Jeff tracked down the manual for the tank mods but I haven't seen anything for the Canadian mod. I mocked up the fuselage and canopy to see how much you can see of the internal fuselage. The good news is none! So I dont need to worry about what back there. All the external photos have shown what I need to know for mods such as a few external gauges as seen below. You'll also see the slightly modified area around the exhaust stack. That's something I haven't figured out if I'm able to tackle yet or I'll leave it be.
  5. Dont go Greyhound. They're not exactly luxury travel....
  6. Now it's a party, I've got the good stuff!
  7. It's a short drive, I'm just waiting to see if life will allow it to work out.
  8. I've got a room reserved, but I'm still on the fence to see if I'll be able to get there.
  9. Yea. The black anti-glare paint it on the top half of the prop. I'll paint that on last.
  10. Worked a bit on the prop today. Theres a few different metal "looks in the rerearereal deal I'm trying to replicate. The blades are very worn down and oxidized looking with a little shinier hub. I'll go back and spray a very thin coat of grey on the blades to try and get a better replication of the real deal, then add the yellow tips and black on the back half. I'll also knock down the shine on the hub a bit with a wash. The two photos are straight from FPL themselves. They've been a phenomenal help in research.
  11. Due to a job change and starting some more complex subjects than normal, I only completed two.
  12. Wonderful stuff. I'm working on my TBM engine and came here for ideas and inspiration. I love the way you've brought the engine to life and especially the wiring harness.
  13. Ok, that paint work and engine detailing is absolutely incredible!!!! The skill on this forum is mind boggling.
  14. Jeff had a brilliant idea to use the bomb bay doors as a basis for the rear bomb bay aerodynamic fairing. Worked a charm and will be perfect after clean up and sanding. Of course it looks a little rough right now. I also began work on the tank....
  15. That's a far more productive year than me Mark. Highly quality too, especially that helicopter!
  16. I've also started marking out the tanks dimensions. I had to see where they modified the bomb bay to accept the tank and there was a front/back change. I marked on the model where the tank will start and end. Then I'll build aerodynamic fairings on the front and back according to pictures. I've circled the two areas that need to be built.
  17. I think that looks right? Edit: I circled the two panel lines that I used to lead up to the other panel lines where the mod was.
  18. There are two types of canopy mods seen on the fire bombers. One is a short version that starts ahead of the ball turret and one as seen on 22 starts farther aft. The picture is from 23 which was the same as 22.
  19. So it begins. First thing was removing the gun sight molded onto the glare shield. In photos of my aircraft there is a blanking plate there instead so I've cleaned up to that point and used some apoxy sculpt to fill the leftover hole. Another notable issue is the kit instrument panel does not match the panel as seen in later photos. So, I ordered some Airscale decals and placards and I'll scratch build a new instrument panel.
  20. Ok, this build will no longer be pushed under any other builds. I'm pausing my Mustang and Pave Hawk until this gets built. I owe it to a few INCREDIBLY generous people, mainly Jeff that this gets built. Check out what the mail lady brought today!!!!!!!
  21. Woohoo, I'm a happy camper. Items I was absolutely eyeing!
  22. That's a very smart idea Ernie.
  23. I'm extremely partial to Dassault aircraft. Over half my total flight time is in them and they are simply pure elegance and beauty in my opinion. Marcel Dassault is quoted as saying "For any aircraft to fly right, it must be beautiful". They are and they do. If you ever want to see why Falcons are as amazing as they are, YouTube "Falcon 50 high mach flight". All photos are mine:
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