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  1. Same here Mark. Placed a number of orders for paint, tape, etc to be ready for a few builds. 5he one thing I can't really find is a decent amount of #11 blades. I use so many of those that I'm starting to get low and can't find a good resupply. Gonna have to ration those.
  2. Absolutely beautiful Danny. I hope mine comes out half as good!!
  3. So close to paint. Still have a few things to add and clean then we can get the fuselage painted.
  4. Mark I love this build so much. What you've accomplished so far with a kit I wouldn't even want in my neighborhood is nothing short of inspiring.
  5. The F-15 is gonna be in flight you goobers! This one will be parked. Carl, I had thought I heard something about working with the tail planes differently than instructed. That makes sense and its something I will look into doing for sure. Mark, thanks for the link. I will go through it tomorrow.
  6. Well, here we are boys and girls. Stuck inside, no work to go to, and much stress to release. I've been grinding away at my F-16 and realized I probably only have about 2 more weeks of work left before it gets wrapped up. So began the plastic fondling to figure out what next? It came down to an F-15I or F-4J. The deciding factor was I have everything I need for the big Phantom but need a few things for the Ra'am to pose it in flight and armed up. So out comes Shamrock 201 with some goodies to boot. My dad had a very good friend from flight school that ended up with VMFA-333 in the Phantom do theres a neat connection there. I may even pass the bird along to him in the future. Here's where we start: Tamiya F-4J, Fox One decals, AOA stencils, Quickboost seats and intake plugs, and Eduard missiles. Any and all suggestions for building the Tamiya kit will be much appreciated! She'll be in a "parked" configuration. Folded wings, plugs in, rbf tags on, and ladders on.
  7. Dont forget it's ok to run the line just a little loose, then tighten it up with a warm piece of metal. I used a putty blade heated with a lighter. Hold it under the line and watch as it tightens right up.
  8. I fully agree Mark. I 100% feel more at peace sitting and working at a clean uncluttered bench. My bench had gotten kind of bad with how much time I had to work at it. I had some many parts going it got a little unruly.
  9. Absolutely lovely. What are the colors used for the green and the mauve?
  10. You'll notice I got the forward nose section wrong. I followed the Tamiya directions before the decals arrived and realized I used the wrong part. Oh well! And the tail gets pulled off easily and set aside so no harm will come to it.
  11. Another positive, lots of time to clean the bench/work desk. Spent a few hours this morning completely going through and organizing all my drawers and cleaning everything. Much more "zen" now with a clean work area.
  12. Fuselage halves were joined today. Seam cleanup and continuing to decal under wing stores tomorrow.
  13. Seems as though they never trained Polish pilots to avoid using brakes in a taildragger.......
  14. Looking good Harvey. If I was to build a target, this would be top of my list.
  15. I just finished the Mustang before starting my F-16. I'd say the Mustang is definitely more "fiddly" than the Viper.
  16. I'm currently building the F-16 and it has been exactly what you are asking for. Its brought back excitement to me that I had been lacking. Wonderful fit, not overly complicated, and at most it would need an ejection seat. The rubber tires are amazingly clean and with a light dusting of weathering pastels look perfect.
  17. I love my P-40 Mark, but I totally agree. I got VERY frustrated at times with the design of the Hasegawa kits many parts. I spent more time than anything on seam cleaning and rescribing. Your doing great and it'll all come together soon.
  18. On a positive note, I've been very happy to see how "alive" our neighborhood has been. Everyone out taking walks, working in their yards and just sitting out front with their garage doors open saying hello to those out walking. Perhaps this will reignite the desire for people to just slow down a bit and appreciate the simple things in life like family, fellowship, and community.
  19. And yes, I want actually buy any kits this year. I'm utterly terrified of my future employment and I bring in 2/3 of the household income. If I somehow get through this mess I'll treat myself to a lovely Tamiya or Wingnut kit for Christmas 2021. But, in the mean time I build and dream about what I'd like to have and work on.
  20. AMK is putting out a 1/32 weapons set which includes the Phoenix missile. Someone asked if that meant they were upscaling the Tomcat, they had a sort of sly response that makes me believe they will. Or at least hope they will.
  21. I'd love another Tamiya F-16, and based on some scuttlebutt I sincerely hope for and would grab quickly an AMK F-14 in 1/32. Past that, I'm planning on building not buying.
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