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  1. Prop fixed, ordanance started, tail plains in progress. Hopefully with a touch of paint the cowling can go on tomorrow or Monday then its seam cleanup.
  2. I think the lockdown is creating a lot of problems with my neighbors. I have nothing else to do, so I've been bbq'ing a lot and I'm not sharing! 6 am in Texas and the ribs are going on.
  3. Good news is the added nose weight looks like I guessed right. She sits correct. Next thing is, does that dihedral look correct? I know it's a trainer so stability is the goal but dang!? Wings aren't glued, just dry fit.
  4. I've got a bunch of fishing weights tucked behind the engine and that seems to have worked. The wing to fuselage fit isnt so bad, there is a bit of a gap. It was the spots on the left wing that were for different lights I presume. Pictures of Bs over there didn't seem to have them.
  5. Thanks Harv. Ernie has been invaluable in helping me by giving me heads up on where and what to watch for. The kit is a wonderful canvas to work off of with countless schemes and uses to build it as.
  6. Spent the afternoon working on cleaning the wings and trying to fit the cowling. I'm using the sprue in tamiya cement filler trick for two ports on the wing that aren't on my T-28 wing. The cowling.....oh the cowling. I've gotten 4 out of the 5 pieces test fitting well. The 5th one surrounding the oil cooler is a bit of a bastard. Cleaning the fuselage area along with a little trimming inside the cowling piece has it almost lining up. This is almost such a nice kit, almost. Anywho I'm having fun with it and I think it'll look great and unique once done. Also painted the prop, but some paint pulled up on a blade so now I've got to redo one.
  7. Fuselage halves have been hammered together. She certainly ain't a Tamiya kit!
  8. Starting to look like a Trojan.
  9. Got the wings halves together, and a quick test fit. Theyllhneed a fair amount of cleanup and better fit to the fuselage. Gonna paint some interior engine areas today and then do some seam work on the ordanance.
  10. Excellent stuff Iain. These are some pretty fascinating aircraft when you look at everything they did they were never designed for. Cockpit is coming along. It's not 100% correct but it gets the point across and I've busied it up a bit. I'm working on making seat belts this evening since the kit ones are PE and I hate PE belts. Also been painting engine parts this morning and hope to have it together in a day or two. The pushrods and ignition parts do NOT want to behave so itll be a bit of a battle. Then I need to figure out how in the world I'm going to partially paint the cowling so I dont have to mask off weird areas later.
  11. That's the truth! My grass has never been mowed so much before.
  12. Haven't slept well lately so I was pretty run down today, but I did get a bit done up front.
  13. Got it. I'll get the plasticard out and take care of that.
  14. Started on painting the cockpit. Still need to glue the rear coating to the instrument panel and fill the top and repaint. Then detail painting and seatbelts. Have figures out how I'll approach the seatbelts yet.
  15. I've gone ahead and cancelled my hotel reservation for San Marcos. Even if it were to happen, I'm too worried about financial security to go. This makes me really sad since I've been looking forward to this since it was first announced. Hopefully the world will be normal again and I can meet all you guys in a few years.
  16. Another positive is the cowl seems to be lining up thus far. I know it fits well IF you watch the alignment of all the internal parts. The main framing is together and looks ok, so now according to my local expert as long as I watch the engine construction I should be good to go.
  17. Got most of the extra work done on the cockpit. Redid the tower thingy in the back to add the holes seen in real pictures and added archer rivets to bring some extra life to the changes. Mine isn't 100% correct cuz I'm not that good, but it is better and closer than the kit supplied items. I've also been working on lots of different parts including the engine, fuselage, etc. Hoping to get a bit of paint on today in the cockpit.
  18. I've been going through the photos of the cockpit and I've realized the kit cockpit isnt even close. So, against my better judgement I've started scratch building some changes. I'm a "Tamiya" builder, so this will really push me into uncomfortable territory. This morning I started on extending the rear cockpit panel forward and used styrene and a apoxy sculpt ro start modifying the rear cockpit area aft of the rear seat.
  19. Hey Rob. Thanks for following along. I've used their pilots in a few builds but only in flight birds. I never add pilots to parked airplanes. Dont know why, just never do. Thus far Ernie's coaching is pretty spot on. Treat it like a short run kit. It has wonderful detailing but lots of, "what were you thinking?" moments about ejection towers, sprue gate locations, and just overall design.
  20. Absolutely! I spent a bit moretime trying to kick up the cockpit to figure out the proper armor player location and to make sure it'll have the proper canopy clearance. Seems as though it'll work.
  21. Little bit of work today. I've been trying to tackle how things went in the cockpit, and Ernie sent over some pictures that will be of good help. I've also started cleaning a few major sub-assemblies just to see how they'll go together and how they'll fit.
  22. I've got some gentlemen jack along with many other lovely things. We'll have a get together in May on my hard days off to talk T-28s.
  23. Guess I'm coming over to visit tonight if the alcohol is flowing!!! I'm actually planning the same thing while I'm grilling for a few family members. Got a couple nieces going through a rough patch so we're having them over to forget about it for awhile. Wish I could have over the Wingnut crew to talk models andthank them with a big ol BBQ.
  24. I'm trying to figure out how the cockpit armor was attached and how the gunsight was installed. I assume it had reflector glass?
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