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  1. From what I've read and looked at in the kit, it can really use it. I truly want this one to be a bit of a center piece in my office and am willing to put forth the effort and time to get that result.
  2. Got a real treat. I was also able to get about everything possible to assist with the build. I hope to have this with my F-16 when Nationals is a thing again! Not pictured is AMS resin intake plugs (thanks Harold!!) and another set of resin M117s.
  3. Cleaned up the bench to head to work. Also made room for the starting of my next project. I owe so much to someone for this opportunity and I hope I can do it justice!
  4. I have a possible donation, I just need to look inside the box and check a few things.
  5. Absolutely correct. If we lock down here in the us again I know for certain I'm doomed as is my family and many others. I'd rather risk infection than destroy our future. That's my personal feeling on the matter. Not saying it's right or wrong, it's just the decision my wife and I have agreed is best for our family. And I believe in the right to make that choice for my family.
  6. Starting to look like a thing. I'm just ready to finish this so I can start on the next one which is really lighting my candle!
  7. If it's a non-resin L-39 I'm in! I sold my HPH one, as I have every resin kit. They just scare me...
  8. That wood fuselage looks great! As does the rest of the build of course.
  9. They certainly look it. The detailing is unlike anything I've ever seen before and it is absolutely pristine too. Not a bubble, burble, or bump to be found.
  10. Okay, I just got my first reskit parts in from Sprue Bros. An F-104 exhaust, and F-104 and F-105 wheels. Holly molly these things are super nice. The 104 exhaust detailing is unbelievable!!!! If the fit is good I'll be going with all their stuff going forward.
  11. Way to go Mark! Your a heck of a builder and I'm glad to see you get some awards for those beauties.
  12. Absolutely beautiful! I'm about to start one myself, any words of advice?
  13. I'm very jealous Mark. I've really missed contest season and visiting with everyone this year. Please do take lots of pictures!
  14. Got started on painting the fuselage. Cant accuse the Germans of being boring during The Great War.
  15. Yes, I'm finding time at the bench to be very difficult to find right now. And even more so, time to airbrush. That's slowing me down more than anything since I cant just steal 15 minutes to remove a part/glue a part/put on decal, etc...
  16. Yes! I see these super clean finishes and wonder if guys are working in vacuum sealed rooms.
  17. Shes been here 3 months now. Hence the complete lack of time for anything.
  18. Ok, what is your model building achilles heel? What is that one thing, no matter how hard you try, you just can't conquer? For me its jet intakes. I've tried everything, I've read everything, and watched videos of every technique and i just can't get them to look good. I end up using intake plugs. That's fine except I have so many neat in flight ideas I just cant complete. What is yours?
  19. Glacial pace but there is progress. Almost ready to paint the red on the fuselage. Just need actual time in the day to airbrush.
  20. Looking really good. I do enjoy the varying problems and solutions that come with the different generations of aircraft models. WW1 is certainly unique in its modeling requirements.
  21. To me the argument isnt, "is covid real or bad, etc..." The argument is the need to balance decisions based on the multitude of factors involved. Dr Dave's position makes sense. He's a doctor his goal is to save those lives that are in immediate danger. Same with Fauci, the goal being sabe as many lives as possible from covid. That's easy, just lockdown. No contact, no spread, problem solved. The larger issue is how those decisions have a ripple effect. Lockdowns are destroying the economy, and therefore people's ability to support themselves and their families. Its causing rampant mental health issues related to stress, loneliness, and anxiety. Its causing health issues in those already dealing with pre existing conditions because they cant get to their appointments to handle their medical needs. A failure to make decisions without considering ALL these variables and just locking down to save a few lives now will cost us so much more later. Live normal, with some increased safety measures. Find the most risk based population and work towards supporting them through this while the rest of the population keeps the world turning. This is merely the opinion of this dumb plastic mangler.
  22. This is too cool. I wish I had the drive to build the unique projects you do. I'm just happy to be in the same city do I can see them.
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