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  1. Wow!!! The best compliment I can think of for a build like this is it makes me want to get mine out and start right away.
  2. Looking great. Those belts really make a difference.
  3. Thanks Jeff. She got so many gifts from people her nursery is full to the ceiling!
  4. Heck yea! I've already got plans for paint masks for a few builds now with that cutter.
  5. Celebrating the Texas way. A stack of smoked skirt steaks for fajitas and a "whiskeyrita" to relax with. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  6. It's not finding one that's hard, its deciding to pay for one. I'm trying to be on a tight budget right now. Who knows what the future holds as of now.
  7. Oh, scale models....... Should have been the Wingnut Lanc. When I finally track one down probably the ICM Stearman.
  8. And ones you never wanted if you actually met us!
  9. There really are some slick gifts in there. Lots of cool build possibilities.
  10. Ok, you can count me in. Please add me as eligible for the raffle, and I'll be donating a kit too. Trumpy Dauntless. It's got some parts for the cockpit removed from the sprue in preparation forr paint, but absolutely no paint and very very minor parts being joined on the cockpit floor. It also includes a Yahu panel.
  11. Ouch. Looks like it'll be a lot if "Out of Stock" for awhile from Eduard.
  12. Yes, as discussed over lunch. I'm gonna try real hard on the Thud to accomplish that.
  13. Build a Fokker, and you'll be hooked. Only rigging is flight controls.
  14. I'm beginning to think we have some weird modeling worm hole between our benches!! Mines being rigged right now.
  15. Awesome! Please post the build!
  16. Stupid statement, but I honestly had no idea Canada ever had a carrier. I also thought a Felixstowe had a bleed air line for awhile.....
  17. Yup! I had to use some "liquid sprue" on some seams and really wanted to let it dry well. Then I've slowly been sanding that smooth before I rescribe. I'm switching mine up to match the Thud now for my soon to be "Vietnam shelf". I've got a Thud, T-28, F-104, and Phantom as of now. I'll need to track down a F-100 next.
  18. Join the club. That would make 4, You, Smitty, Ernie, and me. After that we can throw together some Phantoms for a fighter sweep ahead of our Thuds.
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